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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Bakekang in Sunshine Dizon

Some things happen unexpectedly which may either be good or bad, happy or sad like what Sunshine Dizon experienced. She was overwhelmed when she was tapped to portray the role of Bakekang, a character played by Nora Aunor in the 1978 movie version of Bakekang.

Tears of joy welled in Sunshine’s eyes when she received the good news. "I thought I did a mistake upon learning that Ms. Wilma Galvante wanted to talk to me in her office. It never crossed my mind about the role and I wished before to be cast in Atlantica since my co-stars in Encantadia are there. That’s why I’m happy upon hearing the news."

Bakekang is GMA 7’s latest tele-drama offering to premiere on Sept. 11. Created by Carlo J. Caparas, the tele-drama is a comics classic serialized in Bondying Komiks which was popular in the ’70s. The story is about a woman with a kind heart who has experienced mockery since childhood because of her ugly face. But she is not the type who will wallow in pity and be trampled upon as she is determined to change the course of her life and aims to be impregnated by an American in the hope of having a beautiful child.

She gives birth to twin daughters who did not look the same as one turns out to be beautiful. Bakekang takes good care of beautiful daughter Kristal, whom she later pushes to be an actress while she neglects the other child, Charming. Through Kristal, Bakekang will feel the kind of attention she longs for.

Although Sunshine and Bakekang differ in appearance, they share many things in common like being a fighter and someone who can rise above the odds. Sunshine cleared the rumor that she walked out in one of her tapings. The truth is she was hospitalized and had a second epidural shot of steroid for her spine problem before the taping started. People didn’t know about her lower back problem and Sunshine already talked to the management and production people to allow her to tape not exceeding 12 hours. "That might be the reason why they misinterpreted that I walked out. My spine problem might lead to something more serious like I may be paralyzed if I take chances not to rest but I do try to tape for my part as long as I can. I’m glad the production people understand my situation," says Sunshine. Luckily, no operation is needed for her back.

Sunshine considers Bakekang her most challenging TV role which requires more acting effort and concentration. She studied the character and prepared physically and emotionally. It takes a lot of patience to sit some time for her prosthetics and exert some force in atrocious scenes like the slapping, hair-pulling and pushing faces to the ground so as to make the story more realistic.

It is inevitable to compare her to Nora who played the role in its movie version. However, Sunshine deserves the part as she has seen in award-winning performances which earned her accolades like the FAMAS Best Child Actress award in Kahit Butas ng Karayom, Papasukin Ko with Fernando Poe Jr., Star Awards Best Dramatic Actress for TV for Magpakailanman, Golden Screen Awards Best Drama Actress and Gawad Amerika Best Drama Actress for her portrayal as Pirena in Encantadia.

Without a doubt, the 23-year-old actress has bloomed not only in looks but also in talent. She says drama is her forte and comfortable crying on screen. She admires Maricel Soriano and Cherie Gil’s acting skills.

Off cam, Sunshine is not conscious of her physical looks even in going out to the malls. She loves to wear plain white shirt and jeans with her hair in ponytail.

"I may not be as good as the Superstar but I’m trying my best to play the role to give televiewers worth their time watching the show. I also wish to achieve even half of Nora Aunor’s acting ability," says Sunshine.

Although she’s playing the lead, Sunshine is not taking all the pressures to her shoulders as her co-stars are important in the story. It will not be interesting without them, she says.

The cast includes Sheryl Cruz, Manilyn Reynes, Lovi Poe, Yasmien Kurdi, Jay Manalo, Victor Neri, Cogie Domingo, Tyron Perez, Gladys Reyes, Julia Clarete, Nadine Samonte, Iwa Moto, Marky Cielo, Dion Ignacio, Arci Muñoz and Vangie Labalan.

"Like a chain, me and my co-stars complement each other’s acting to be effective in touching the hearts of the televiewers and in delivering the story," Sunshine ends.

By Bot Glorioso
The Philippine Star 09/07/2006


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