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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Will Richard "Goma" Gomez run under ruling-party banner?

In case you’re looking the other way and haven’t noticed, the election "musical chairs" have started and what fun it is watching the merry-go-round!

The date for filing of candidacy for senatorial aspirants officially began last Monday, Jan . 15, on a rib-tickling note, with one "candidate" claiming to be the "husband" of one Kris Aquino (no, the candidate’s name is not James Yap whose eyes are fixed not on the mid-term elections in May but on the arrival of his and Kris’ first-born, a boy to be named James Jr.).

As of now, the bigwigs haven’t started making a beeline to the COMELEC office in Intramuros, Manila, to file their certificates of candidacy (one of whom, former Sen. Gringo Honasan, who wants to run again also for senator, is waiting for a court nod to let him personally file his own "COC"). It’s still, well, "preliminary elimination" time among major political parties, although the United Opposition (UNO) has been sending "feelers" on who are included in its senatorial line-up.

Yes, that "line-up" includes showbiz-identified candidates like former Sen. Loren Legarda who’s again running for senator and incumbent San Juan Mayor JV Ejercito (who’s marrying his flight stewardess-girlfriend this month) but not, as expected, former Sen. Tito Sotto who’s running again also for senator and Richard "Goma" Gomez.

Now, could it be true that Richard is being wooed to run under the banner of Liberal Party (Atienza faction which is sympathetic to the administration and its party, Lakas-CMD; the other being known as the Drilon faction)?

A Funfare DPA spotted Richard in a serious huddle with Manila Mayor Lito Atienza at a hotel in Malate yesterday, along with an ambassador close to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and it’s safe to conclude that they were talking politics.

"Goma emerged from the meeting with a big smile," said the DPA, "with a big YES written all over his face."

In a TV Patrol telecast a few days ago, Goma was quoted as saying that if he wouldn’t make it to the UNO line-up, he was open to an "invitation" from the administration to join its line-up because his main objective is to win and thus be given a chance to serve the people. (Also reportedly being fielded for the administration senatorial line-up is Edu Manzano, chairman of the Videogram Regulatory Board, who seemed to have junked his initial plan to run for governor of Iloilo against incumbent Niel Tupas who has just been suspended).

But what if, just if, Goma won’t make it to the administration’s "Magic 12"?

Another DPA close to Goma said, "He has a fallback. He could run in Bulacan either for governor or congressman."

Meanwhile, the big question: Will Susan Roces, FPJ’s widow, be persuaded upon by UNO to run for senator (Susan is winnable, a potential top-notcher)?

When asked about her, ehem, "political" plans, Susan simply smiles or makes no comment at all, one time saying that she might run, all right, but only during her morning exercise around her house in Greenhills.

So far, here are the showbiz guys (and those associated with showbiz) in public offices:

• Vice President – Noli de Castro;

• Senate – Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla, Lito Lapid, Kiko Pangilinan and Ralph Recto;

• Congress – Gilbert Remulla, Pia Cayetano, Mikey Macapagal-Arroyo, Monico Fuentebella, Dudut Jaworski and Juan Miguel Zubiri;

• Governor – Mark Lapid (Pampanga);

• Vice Governor – Jestoni Alarcon (Rizal);

• Board Member – Daniel Fernando (Bulacan) and Marco Sison (Laguna);

• Mayor – Vilma Santos (Lipa City), ER Ejercito (Pagsanjan, Laguna); Mon Ilagan (Cainta, Rizal) and JV Ejercito (San Juan, Metro Manila);

• Vice Mayor – Herbert Bautista (Quezon City) and Anjo Yllana (Parañaque City); and

• Councilor – Aiko Melendez (Quezon City), Rico J. Puno (Makati City), Dennis Padilla (Caloocan City), Cita Astals (Manila), Isko Moreno (Manila), Robert Ortega (Manila) and Barbara Milano (Nueva Ecija). LINK



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