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Friday, July 13, 2007

Kapuso wins more hearts in Cebu

Cebu — Neck and neck best describe the competition between GMA 7 and its rival network ABS-CBN in Cebu. This is also true with the ratings game where the Kapuso locally-produced shows (Balitang Bisdak and Oi! Show Nato Ni!) and its rival programs are concerned.

The contest to the top spot is as stiff and unpredictable as in Mega Manila. Proof is the estimated 20,000 Cebuanos who trooped to SM City Cebu’s Trade Hall for a successful Kapuso Day.

It’s an annual activity where Kapuso stars touch base with their regional counterparts and fans in Cebu, Iloilo and Davao. The event had different booths with designated categories like Comedy, Drama and Q-11 where fans can have a closer look of their idols and engage in an intimate chat with them.

This year, Richard Gutierrez, Paolo Contis, Iza Calzado, Sunshine Dizon, Ehra Madrigal, Manilyn Reynes, Sherilyn Reyes, Lani Mercado and The Sexbomb Dancers graced the event.

Although it was only a one-day affair, Kapuso Day has been a success for the past three years. It has never failed to bring cheer, laughter and smiles to Cebuanos. It’s not surprising why they are staunch supporters of GMA 7. In fact, the news program Balitang Bisdak topped the June 4 to 8 ratings game with 16.1 percent rating while variety show Oi! Show Nato Ni! had its biggest lead in May with 12.5 percent rating. Clearly, the competition is not only confined in the four corners of Metro Manila, but beyond.

Though separated by waters and isles, Kapuso networks in Manila and Cebu share one or two similarities.

Balitang Bisdak anchor Bobby Nalzaro is Cebu’s answer to 24 Oras’ Mike Enriquez.

As broadcast journalist, Bobby believes in honest delivery of news and the importance of empowering audiences through information. This could very well be the values Mike lives by.

In Cebu, Bobby hosts a TV show and a radio program. He also writes for a local newspaper.

What endears him to listeners and televiewers are his hard-hitting commentaries on local economics and politics.

Though he is qualified to run for public office, Bobby would rather concentrate on his profession and enjoy every bit of it.

In a crowd, Bobby is recognizable as he is always in white from head to foot — from shirts to pants, down to shoes.

The color white speaks of Bobby’s approach to news: Truth, no matter what.

With his 27 years of broadcasting experience, Bobby is never tempted to try his luck in Manila. If ever he does, his only apprehensions are his accent and intonation. He fears his manner of speaking might draw attention to him rather than the news he is presenting. Bobby thinks Cebuanos need him for their day-to-day news update.

Asked if he coughed before on TV while reading the news, Bobby replies, “No. I haven’t.” If ever he encounters a similar situation in the future, Bobby says he will just clear his throat and pause.

Another talent one can’t help but notice is Yuri Deldig, host of Oi! Show Nato Ni!. He is a dead-ringer for Showbiz Central host John Lapus. Yuri leads the pack of young talent-hosts of the musical-variety-game show. He shares that the show is teeming with games which are staples of every Cebuano’s entertainment.

In the show, televiewers are treated to segments like TWTW (The Week That Was), Oi Tara!, Oi Trip!, Oi Boxing Challenge, Oi Barkada, Oi riginal Mix, Oi Chix, PSS (Please Sing a Song), Toktok oi Pakatok, among others.

What’s good about the show, Yuri says, is it does not only entertain people but discovers talents. It provides every Cebuano a chance to become a local star.

The German Moreno fan is also into stand-up comedy and talent management. He is willing to work his way to Manila’s tinseltown.

Also worth a second look are Recca Menchavez and Benjamin, two of the other talents of Oi! Show Nato Ni!. Both are good-looking and talented. Their looks and personality are a breather from the Eurasian or Fil-Am features of most young celebrities in Manila.

The only difference concerning showbiz in Cebu and in Manila, observes Yuri, is that competition in his native province is confined within the studios. Stars from competing networks are friends off-cam.

That’s how Cebu treats show business. It is purely entertainment, nothing more, nothing less. [source]



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