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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Paolo Bediones' I-Tech business scandal

A few days ago, I heard Ogie "Miss O" Diaz on his dzXL program Wow, Ang Showbiz! talking by phone to a woman listener who said she wanted to get back the P180,000 she had invested in Paolo Bediones’ I-Tech business. The woman was hinting that she was being "swindled," an indirect accusation that people who know Paolo very well, this columnist included, found disturbing. What, Paolo Bediones a “swindler”!?! It’s unbelievable!

Did Paolo opt to keep quiet to prevent the woman’s complaint to snowball into a major issue that could threaten not only I-Tech but his other businesses (including a dental center, Red Eye Studio, etc.) as well? No, not Paolo.

The day after Miss O’s program, I got a call from Paolo who wanted to air his side. (I would hear him talking to Miss O later that day when I, as usual was driving to work, tuned in to Wow, Ang Showbiz!)

Here’s what Paolo has to say:

“I-Tech is a marketing company in which people make investments. It’s a network marketing and there’s a certain commission given on recruitment. Anyway, what I did when I noticed that some unscrupulous people were using my name to close deals for the recruitment was to stop the giving of commission on recruitment. When I spoke to the people at DTI (Department of Trade and Industry), they said, ‘Tama ang ginawa mo.’

“Those with an investment of P180,000 or P290,000 are very few; konti lang sila. Some of the deals were closed because kung anu-ano ang ipinangako ng mga networkers — you know, that all you have to do is invest your money, sit back and relax and earn fat commissions. No, that’s not the case with my company. I want to make it clear that I-Tech is not, I repeat NOT, a pyramid-kind of investment business; you have to help sell the tons of products (cell phone models, cameras, etc.), which I get wholesale, to make your investment earn money.

“My investors make a few thousands from their sales while I make only a few hundreds. It works this way: You invest and you get certain products, including even a waterless urinal, which you sell and get a handsome commission from. We have a line of various products. The whole idea is kung gusto mo magka-negosyo, you have to invest pero mayroong kapalit ang inyong investment. You become a dealer of products on our list, pati Smart loads, etc.

“Now, I discovered that some, which is very, very few, of those who are complaining are not registered in our system. We are fully-automated, you know. It turned out that the complainants, who are very few, didn’t understand the concept because it wasn’t explained well to them. They didn’t attend the free seminars. So when I discovered the irregularity, I stopped na the giving of commission on recruitment.

“Should I destroy the name and the reputation that I worked hard to establish and I’m working hard to protect? Of course, not! Look, kung gagawa ako ng kababalaghan, mahiya-hiya naman ako kina Joey Concepcion who is with me on Go Negosyo’s list of 50 Most Inspiring Stories. Hindi ako masisira sa pera; pera lang ‘yan. Ang intensyon ko ay magbigay ng negosyo sa tao.

“All I can say to everybody out there is this: Do not believe in get-rich-quick schemes. The nature of my I-Tech business is not get-rich-quick. Are we going to return the money of investors who want it back? Yes, we are. But first, we will explain to them the concept of the business, kung ano ang pinasok nila, and if they still don’t understand and want out, they can.”

(Note: The office address of Paolo’s business is Unit 1904 Antel Global Building, Julio Vargas St., Ortigas Center, Pasig City. The phone number is 633-0917.) [Source of news]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

paolo is really a swindler...

why? for me, even how he explains his side, his action, of not giving us (the dealers) notice regarding the position of the company is considered fraud....

nagmukha kaming tanga kakahintay ng progress sa loading business...

furthermore, i called the company 3weeks ago and promised me that i can claim my reimbursement..

pero try nyo tawagan ang lahat ng contact numbers nila, if it is not yet in service, no one answers the phone...

isn't that a swindler? dapat ka nga mahiya dahil sa nasa go negosyo ka...

i am just a student,,, it is difficult for me to accept that i lost 13K dahil lang sa nagtiwala ako sa isang may big name in showbiz..

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wala na palang office ang itech... umalis sila sa antel global corporate center...

nag close na talaga sila....

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ricky lo, kumustahin mo nga ang i-tech kay Paolo.
paki tawagan nga 6330917

kelangan na yatang iaumbong kay Tulfo itong swindler na ito

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Business loans Philippines said...

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2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:39 AM  

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