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Monday, November 26, 2007

Dennis Trillo, gustong balikan si Cristine Reyes

Now that they were made to forge peace (not forget peace), lumalabas na mas marami ang nakikisimpatya kay Carlene Aguilar who, for whatever reason, was dumped by Dennis Trillo.

Bagama’t hindi diniretso ni Dennis ang tanong kung may pag-asa pa ba silang magkabalikan ni Cristine, aniya, and I quote: “Ngayon, hindi natin masasabi kung ano ‘yung in store, kung ano ‘yung nandiyan sa hinaharap,” unquote—in contrast du’n sa paglalagay na niya ng closure sa relasyon nila ni Carlene.

Bakit nakuha ni Carlene ang simpatya? Here’s a beauty queen, not dethroned or stripped of her title, but a woman disrobed of her right to be loved by her man.

Surely, hindi naman niya ginawang iskandaluhin, sugurin at pagsalitaan si Cristine if she was not made to expect things would be better, yes, by Dennis.

Samantala, nakatakdang mag-file ng motion to withdraw the case (grave scandal at oral defamation) ang abogado ni Cristine, si Atty. Dexter Lacuanan. Kasabay nito, hindi na rin daw itutuloy ni Manny Pacquiao ang bantang sasampahan niya ng libel case si Cristy Fermin makaraang makapag-usap sila’t magkapaliwanagan.

I couldn’t help but rib ‘Nay Lolit Solis, siya na lang sa showbiz ang may libel case! She replied with a shrug. [source of news]



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