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Monday, March 17, 2008

Kapuso stars in Panagbenga fest

It rained and it was a heavy downpour but the crowd stayed, got all soaked up and refused to budge even as the final song played just so they could watch and catch a final glimpse of their favorite Telebabad stars.

This was the scenario at the Kapuso mall show dubbed, Kapuso Bonggang-bongga sa Panagbenga, held recently at the event center of the lone mall in the City of Pines.

It was perhaps one mall show that GMA stars led by Richard Gutierrez, Jewel Mische, Iza Calzado, Alfred Vargas, Iwa Moto and John “Sweet” Lapuz won’t easily forget as their roaring fans braved the afternoon heavy downpour that threatened to mar the show prepared by the Kapuso Network as part of its participation in the annual flower festival of the North.

The crowd laughed with Sweet as he tried to lease a young fan cheered on by throng to go onstage and join the Showbiz Central host in his repertoine. The females in the audience punctured the air with their shrieks and swoon in unison when ESP’s Alfred Vargas was called out.

The funny tandem of Cookie (Mike “Pekto” Nacua) and Bellie Flory (John Feir) hosted the event and kept a steady stream of chatter and laughter with their artics and improptu gags.

When it was Jewel Mische’s time to perform, it was the men’s turn to ogle and almost in unison fished out their respective camera-phones out of their pockets to freeze the Kamandag leading lady’s smile and record her performance in their gadgets.

Iza — ESP star and Joaquin Bordado’s leading lady — further brightened the afternoon with her presence. Iza did not fail to charm the audience with her witty exchange of banter with Cookie and Bellie. She also performed two song numbers and even dared to tread the slippery ramp to shake hands with the fans, Security personnel had to tighten their watch as fans jostled against each other to touch her or simply to get a good angle for their cameras.

When it was time for Cookie and Belli to announce Richard’s presence, the marshals guarding the make-shift fences had to take two steps backwards as the crowd suddenly ballooned and solidy advanced towards the stage, unmindful of the raindrops that have been soaking them since the early part of the show.

The Kamandag star, overwhelmed with the feverish welcome, profusely thanked the audience “Maraming-maraming salamat po sa inyong mainit na pagtanggap sa amin,ibang klase po pala talaga ang Panagbenga Festival at masayang-masaya po ako na naging parte po kami ng kasiyahan dito,” Richard intimated, his voice drowned several times by ear-splitting shrieks from female fans.

GMA executives led by Marivin Arayata, VP for ETV; Rikki Escudero, Regional TV Head and AVP for Expansion and Production Services; Redgie Magno, senior program manager for ETV; Jocelyn Bautista, program manager for Regional ETV; and Rams David, program manager for ETV were all overwhelmed with the reception that the show merited.

“Nakaka-touch and nakakatuwa talaga kasi kahit malakas na ang ulan, they stayed with us until the end of the show. You could see that they’re singing the Kapuso song when we played it as our finale. Kung ‘di pa nila nakitang umalis ang mga artista, hindi rin sila aalis,” Bautista expressed.

Aside from the GMA execs, the SM management seemed pleased with the turnout as well. “The Kapuso mall show was the biggest crowd in SM City Baguio’s Event Center since it opened in 2003,” noted Jam Rabaya, SM City Baguio’s marketing manager.

Security people easily placed the crowd estimate ranging from three to five thousand.

GMA Network also participated in the Float Parade the following day with its Telebabad stars riding on it. As one of the floats in the non-competing category, the Kapuso Float was one of the most popular and most photographed subject in the parade.

The early Sunday drizzle failed to dampen the enthusiasm of eager beavers who had their pictures taken with the Kapuso float. People lined-up the entire stretch of Session Road through Harrison Road all the way to the Athletic Bowl where the judging was held.

The warm welcome proved that the Kapuso Network remains to be a force to reckon with as intimated in AGB Nielsen’s NUTAM survey dated Feb. 24 to March 1.

The survey revealed that GMA shows dominated the list of overall Top 10 programs in Urban Luzon. The first four posts were occupied by Kapuso-made programs. Marimar was on top, followed by Joaquin Bordado, Kamandag, and Bitoy’s Funniest Videos.

GMA’s rating supremacy extended until the reach of North/Central Luzon. The overall Top 10 programs in the said area were all Kapuso. Twenty out of the overall Top 30 programs were GMA programs. Marimar, Joaquin Bordado, Kamandag, Bitoy’s Funniest Videos, and Mel & Joey were the top five programs.

If these are not enough proof, then, the crowd in the recently held Panagbenga Festival tells it all. [source of news]



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