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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Iza Calzado turned down GMA offer

IZA Calzado has the same birthday as Marian Rivera, Aug. 12. Last Friday, she treated some friends from the press to lunch at the Secret Cafe of Fanny Serrano on Scout Rallos St. then she went to Philippine Children’s Hospital to share her blessings with the less fortunate kids currently confined there.

“I also did this last year kasi I feel na ang dami kong graces from the Lord, kaya dapat lang na maki-share ako sa iba,” she says.

Her dad Lito Calzado was there and we asked him if he’s really a stage father now that he turned down the offer of GMA-7 for Iza to appear in an afternoon soap. “I never was a stage father,” he says. “Ni hindi nga ako sumasama sa tapings o shooting ni Iza. We turned down the new soap not because it’s in the afternoon but because she wants to have some rest after ‘Joaquin Bordado’ na halos one year tumakbo at lagi siyang kulang sa tulog. Also, she’ll soon start shooting two new films, ‘Desperadas 2’ and ‘One True Love’, parehong kasama si Marian. Kung maglalagari siya sa mga yun tapos may soap pa, lalo siyang mahihirapan. It’s good GMA understood her naman.”

Now, Iza spends her time at the gym and in Powerdanz. “I’m trying to learn mixed martial arts also, para lumiit ang balakang ko,” she says. “If ever I’d do another soap, baka next year na. But GMA says I might be assigned to do a four-week stint in ‘Obra.’ I just don’t know when.”

When is her Hollywood movie, “The Echo,” going to be shown here? “It’s Viva which will release it here and I don’t know yet when. I really had fun shooting it with the Hollywood actors in the cast like Jesse Bradford who’s now in ‘Sassy Girl’ and Amelia Warner. Sana kumita sa U.S. and also overseas.”

Contrary to rumors, her relationship with U.S.-based boyfriend Jerry Garcia remains strong. “He has his own business there and he’s also managing a band. Ako naman, dito ang career ko. Minsan, bigla na lang siyang dumarating dito to spend some time with me. Long distance but it works for us.”




Blogger bhemzkih said...

karapatan ni tita annabelle at tita sharon na sumama ang loob sa GMA-7.

9:36 AM  

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