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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Richard Gutierrez: Kung saan masaya si KC, doon ako

NO doubt the best looking love team in local cinema today, Richard Gutierrez and KC Concepcion are glad that they get to promote their new movie, "When I Met U", in both networks. They are appearing live in "The Buzz", "Wowowee" and "Entertainment Live", and they will tape an episode in "Boy & Kris". They're scheduled to appear in most GMA-7 shows, including "SOP", "Eat Bulaga", "Sis", "Startalk" and "Showbiz Central". What will they miss the most in each other after shooting "When I Met U"?

"I will miss every moment na kasama ko siya," says Richard. "Yung laging ang taas ng energy niya kahit pagod o puyat siya. She really uplifts everyone on the set. Napahanga nga niya lahat, even the crew loves her at lahat sila, naging fans niya. I'll also miss the tofu she brings on the set. Vegetarian kasi siya kaya yun lang ang kinakain niya. On her birthday, I plan to give her a lechon tofu."

"Ako naman, I'll miss yung he's being so relaxed all the time," says KC. "It'll be a lot before he can get stressed. Parang hindi trabaho ang pinupuntahan namin. Excursion ang tingin niya when we shoot out of town. Kahit nangangarag na ang lahat sa set, he'll just say 'chill', kaya napapa-relax din niya ang lahat."

Chard says they always play beautiful music together. "KC is the one who's more loving. She's not afraid of showing it. Ako, mas discreet."

"Mas expressive and demonstrative naman talaga ang mga babae but Chard shows love in various ways and styles rin naman," adds KC.

They're now more comfortable in each other's company compared to when they did their first movie in Greece and this shows in their kissing scenes in "When I Met U", which are more plentiful. "We have some kissing scenes na as the film progresses, they become more intense and passionate," says Chard.

"Direk Joel kasi wants to take them from different angles kaya paulit-ulit," says KC. "Ewan ko nga kung masasama lahat yun sa movie. Aside from this, marami pang ibang cute and kilig scenes sa movie."

In the story, they get stranded in an island. What if this would happen to them in real life? "Masaya yun, exciting!" says Chard.

"I will be the one to cook," says KC.

"And ako naman ang maghahanap ng pagkain namin sa gubat. We'll be good partners and I'm sure mage-enjoy talaga kami."

What will be an ideal Valentine date for them? "'When I Met U' is my first Valentine movie so my ideal Valentine day will be to watch it with Chard."

"Ako naman, kunsaan masaya si KC, dun na rin ako."

So which is the better movie, their first one or this one? "Direk Joel Lamangan is really a blessing for us kasi sobrang inspired siya while were doing 'When I Met U'," says KC. "All in all, we shot the film for 16 days but the preparation that went into it was even longer kasi the script was revised 10 times to make sure maganda siya. Kami ni Chard, parehong maraming contributions na input sa movie and, in that sense, I would say we were all able to polish it well. At least, natapos namin ito three weeks before the playdate. Yung una, palalabas na, nagsu-shoot pa kami three days before so we have more time with 'When I Met U' to make sure it will please all viewers."




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ako din, kung saan si KC, don din ako. So ibig sabihin Chard, kung si Papa P talaga ang type ni Kace, don ka din?

11:25 PM  

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