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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Marian Rivera still on the upswing

Marian Rivera cannot be thankful enough now that her career continues to be on the upswing since she stormed primetime television on Marimar, GMA 7’s version of the Mexican telenovela.

For someone who never imagined herself in showbiz, Marian has made great leaps in her career. “When I was younger, my only dream was to do TV commercials,” shares the 23-year-old Marian. “I was lucky enough to appear in several commercials. I never thought I would become an actress. But I value all the good breaks coming my way. I am always excited to work.”

Following Marimar was another primetime toprater for Marian with Dyesebel, where she played the mermaid in the Mars Ravelo classic. Recently, she was given another assignment by her home network with Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang, the series based on Carlo J. Caparas’ komiks classic.

In the new primetime drama, Marian showcases her acting versatility anew as she plays Proserfina, the character originated by Vivian Velez in the film version of the komiks series. Marian attests Proserfina is her most physical role to date as she is required to do action stunts in some of the scenes. The character is feisty, street smart, naughty and mysterious.

“It’s a bit hard to portray a physical role,” Marian says. “I had bruises after taping because I was required to climb, run and do action scenes. But it’s a new challenge for me and I am not complaining. You can only be thankful for these good breaks given to you. I get to play lead roles in primetime series. What more can you ask for?”

In all her TV projects, Marian was paired with Dingdong Dantes, that’s why it was also inevitable that they were romantically linked. Although she had earlier denied she was the cause of the breakup of Dingdong and Karylle, Marian no longer hides the fact that, of late, she and Dingdong have been going out.

“We love eating out,” Marian discloses. “We try out every new restaurant in town, whenever our schedules allow.”

Yet, she is quick to counter that there’s anything romantic between her and her constant leading man. This, despite the fact that she wears in her right arm the diamond-studded bracelet that Dingdong gifted her last Christmas.

“I was really surprised to receive that gift from Dingdong, but I was very thrilled when I got the bracelet,” Marian admits.

Dining out with Dingdong bolsters Marian’s dream to own a restaurant one day. She gets inspired to try out new dishes since she also loves to cook. She laments that she can rarely go to the grocery these days to buy things that she needs for the house.

“Even when I’m shopping, I get stalled by people or fans,” she happily shares. “But I don’t really mind. I know it’s part of being in showbiz.”

With TV, films and more than two dozen product endorsements up her sleeves, Marian never felt burned out with all her work. Admirably enough, she keeps a pleasant disposition in her career and always looks forward to any assignment.

“I know this is not forever, that’s why I grab every opportunity that comes my way,” Marian grants. “Even with product endorsements, I don’t decline anything. I use all the products I endorse. In my bathroom, you’ll see a Sunsilk shampoo. Inside our refrigerator, I have San Mig light which we serve whenever we have male guests. When we have a party at home, there’s Gran Matador (brandy).”

However, Marian has become the subject of negative publicity lately, with writeups branding her as a snob and suplada. Had she did not rise to super-stardom, these issues would not even probably cropped up or see print.

She is aware this is a price she has to pay for becoming popular. Yet, Marian has a commendable attitude. She is resolute to reach out to those whom she might have hurt or slighted in the past.

“When I entered showbiz, I prepared myself for the intrigues and controversies,” Marian allows. “Pero mahirap na may taong galit sa ‘yo. It’s not easy. We move around in a very small industry. You’ll bump into the same people all over again, so mas maganda okay ka with everyone.”

Even with the members of the entertainment press, Marian assures she will make an effort to know most of them, if not everyone, so that she can avoid bad writeups in the future.

However, Marian is also aware she cannot please everyone despite her efforts. “I know there will always be people who would say bad things about me, no matter how hard I try,” she says. “I don’t want to get angry at them. I don’t want to be affected by the negative writeups, because that might only affect my work.”

When she entered showbiz, she braced herself for the intrigues, that’s why she can take the negative writeups in stride, especially if they’re not true. “I know it’s part of being in the business,” Marian asserts. “The intrigues come with being popular. Maybe I’ll be worried more when people don’t talk about me anymore.”




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