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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Carla Abellana as Rosalinda

Showbiz is in her genes. Her grandmother is Delia Razon, the still-glamorous LVN actress who played a princess in the ’50s fantasy-adventure flicks. Her father is Rey “PJ” Abellana who, in his own right, was a soap prince in the ’80s. Her mother is Ria Reyes, daughter of Delia.

That’s why even if Carla Abellana kept what she thought was a safe distance from showbiz, politely saying no to tempting offers, she has to give in in the long run. Showbiz is her destiny; she was to the profession born.

On July 8, Carla will take a formal bow as the title role in the new GMA soap Rosalinda, the Filipino adaptation of the hit telenovela topbilled by Thalia who is also famous for Marimar, from another telenovela remade by the same channel, catapulting Marian Rivera to stardom.

How did Carla, 23, a La Salle B.S. Psychology graduate who worked as a pre-school teacher for a few months at the Creative Beginners in Green Meadows, Quezon City, before she decided to go “corporate” (as a human-resources associate for a real-estate company) land the role?

“I auditioned,” said Carla. “I didn’t know for what role until they called me one day and said, ‘You are Rosalinda.’ All I could say was, ‘Really!?!’”

Entering showbiz was never in her plan.

“But showbiz has been knocking on our door for so many years already. This year, another opportunity came, so I said, ‘Why not?’ I want to achieve something on my own and earn so I can give back something to my mom.”

Carla was in grade school when Rosalinda was airing and she followed it religiously, not knowing that someday she would be “it.”

She realized that everything wasn’t just a beautiful dream when she started shooting two weeks ago.

“All I did for the first scene was run and run,” she laughed, thankful that her co-stars were very helpful and supportive, among them Geoff Eigenmann (leading man), Katrina Halili (the kontrabida), Sheryl Cruz, Gary Estrada, Jessa Zaragoza, Sheena Halili, Ariel Rivera, Gian Magdangal, Jennifer Sevilla and Roderick Paulate. “I really studied what kind of character Rosalinda is by reviewing the telenovela. The characters are basically the same but the situations have been ‘Filipinized’.”

In the soap, Rosalinda is api-apihan, something which Carla is not.

“But there’s a ‘Rosalinda’ in me. I see a lot of similarities between us. Like Rosalinda, I can say that I am simple, mapagmahal at handang ipagtanggol ang aking pamilya. I see myself in her in so many ways.”

This early, Carla is already being pitted with Marian Rivera, all because they both have a “Thalia” identity.

“I’m actually flattered being compared to her,” Carla echoed Marian’s reaction to the intriga. “Wow, of all people si Marian Rivera pa! It’s a compliment.”

What pointers did she get from her Lola Delia (who has been taking care of Carla and her older sister since their parents separated)?

“Palaging may bitbit na advice sa akin si Mama everytime we see each other.”

Said Delia, “I always remind her to be professional and punctual, and to be nice to her co-stars and, especially, the crew members.”

Delia added that Carla is a quiet girl — “Tahimik lang ‘yan. Kapag tinanong mo, kung hindi kilay ang isinasagot ay tatango-tango lang ‘yan. I was surprised why she decided to now enter showbiz.”

Carla and her sister communicate with their father regularly.

“He calls naman often. He fetches us during special occasions so we can spend time together in his house. At first, nagulat siya when I decided to finally join showbiz and now he is excited.”

His advice to Carla?

“Be nice to people and be careful who to trust. Always be humble. Mahirap daw ang showbiz because we don’t really know what will happen next.”




Anonymous Anonymous said...

maganda sya kaya lang masyadong apektado ung mukha dahil sa laki ng dimples.

kapag ngumiti na eh labas narin ung malaking piliges sa mukha nya at nde pa pantay..............hehehehehehe

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