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Friday, June 26, 2009

Good signs for Brennan

Pinoy Pop Superstar Season 1 first runner-up Brennan has always relied on signs. The day before he joined the GMA 7 talent search, he asked for a sign to let him know if he’ll audition or not. Brennan’s voice was hoarse and he wasn’t sure he can face the panel of judges.

Lo and behold! His throat cleared; his voice returned to its clear, silky tone the very next day he stood before the microphone to try his luck for Pinoy Pop Superstar. He passed auditions with flying colors.

If he depends on Divine guidance so much, it’s because Brennan maintains strong ties with his parish church in Project 4, where he is worship leader for many years now. In fact, before Pinoy Pop Superstar, his world revolved around school, church and home alone.

After the search, Brennan’s life was never the same again. He appeared on GMA shows like S.O.P., signed a contract with GMA Records and its talent arm, GMA Artist Center. Brennan’s soulful R&B style didn’t escape the critics. Gary Valenciano presented Brennan a trophy as 2009 Best Male Artist of the Philippine Digital Music and Short Film Festival Awards.

Now that his GMA Records contract has expired, Brennan recently met with Belhaus Entertainment Inc.’s Jeff Tan (son of the late Bella Tan). Brennan must have impressed the young recording executive to the max. He wasted no time offering Brennan a three-year-three-album deal with Belhaus, sister company of Universal Records.

Brennan’s first album under his new recording outfit is self-titled, with R&B written all over its eight tracks made up of revivals (Side A’s Forevermore among them) and an OPM song, the plaintive Di Nagpapaalam (heard over GMA 7’s Koreanovela Chill Princesses).

“I can give any song an R&B twist,’ says Brennan with confidence. Forevermore, for instance, slows down a little bit more. Di Nagpapaalam, Brennan’s favorite track, takes the listener on a wild, exciting ride to the ups and downs of emotion as Brennan’s voice rises, falls, twists and turns with every line.

Techniques aside, it‘s the feeling that counts most.

“I don‘t mind singing other types of songs,“ Brennan relates. “What‘s important, after all, is for singing to come from the heart and soul.”

This, no class on singing technique can teach you. Brennan learned it first-hand from his father, a combo member who toured Olongapo with his band. Dear Dad taught Brennan the basics of singing with one‘s heart at age four. The wide-eyed boy would tag along with his father in some of his tours. Thus did Brennan grow up listening to and loving oldies but goodies from Matt Monroe and even Regine Velasquez.

Being born and bred with music at home makes it easy for Brennan to write songs for fellow artists. But won‘t it be easier to start with himself?

No way, Brennan replies. He‘s harder on himself; demanding nothing short of perfection in every song he writes or sings.

“That‘s why I can‘t write songs for myself,” he explains.

Brennan would rather sing other people‘s songs — solo or in a group (he learned the art of blending in when Ryan Cayabyab oversaw him as member of Kaya band). He doesn‘t even mind doing back-up vocals for other artists.

His talent however, remains too big to languish in back-up stints, even in venues as huge as Araneta Center. It shines, freely, naturally, on its own.

Promo tours, like the ones Brennan is doing at SM malls till August come in handy, though. That‘s why Brennan kicked off the first leg of his promo tour at SM Bacoor.

All these, because Brennan — he of strong faith and firm belief — asked for, and got a sign that his is a fate bigger and better than what he had ever dreamed of.




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