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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

how Richard Gutierrez saved Cristine

Because she was the first celebrity victim to be featured on the front pages and newscast perched precariously with her mom and two little pamangkin on the roof of their house in Provident Village in Marikina City, one of the hardest-hit areas, Cristine Reyes unwittingly put a face to the devastation wrought by the killer typhoon Ondoy.

As the whole world must have known by now (thanks to CNN, Fox News and even The New York Times), it was Richard Gutierrez who came to Cristine’s rescue using a borrowed speedboat more than 12 hours after she and company climbed to the roof through the water tank after they slipped through a window.

For sure, Richard’s training for his GMA starrers (Captain Barbell, Mulawin, Lupin and Asero, among them) and hosting environment-friendly GMA docus Full Force Nature and Planet: Philippines prepared him for that kind of emergency.

“It was pitch dark when I went to Provident Village,” related Richard who refused to let one of his brothers accompany him because the speedboat could accommodate only four more people. “To locate Cristine and company, I told her to blink a small flashlight.”

It was a risky rescue. Richard said he took extra care in navigating the flooded area to avoid hitting people and he sometimes had to stop the motor to clear the debris that got entangled in it.

“I saw for myself how difficult it was to rescue people,” added Richard, “that’s why I feel for rescuers from the government and private sector. Sa dami ng dapat i-rescue, hindi mo malaman kung sino ang uunahin.”

The whole time that she was on the roof, Cristine texted as many people as she could for help, turning her celfon off after sending each message to save power.

“She was hysterical when she texted me,” said Richard. “The raging floodwaters continued to rush at nadadala na daw sila ng agos. At one point, she became so hopeless at parang nagpapaalam na siya. Since I couldn’t get to her in my car, I called all the friends I know who own a speedboat and luckily, he had one na hindi niya ginagamit. At first, I wanted to borrow a helicopter but we decided against it because it would be risky to use one.”

To make a long, nightmarish story short, Richard did save Cristine but her mom decided to stay with the two kids to wait for the guys on a jetski dispatched by Cristine’s sister Ara Mina’s non-showbiz boyfriend upon Ara’s request.

Richard and Cristine are starring in the movie Patient X which Richard himself is co-producing with GMA Films, directed by Yam Laranas (also the director of The Echo, the Hollywood remake of Regal Films’ Sigaw).

This noon, Richard and Cristine will host a thanksgiving lunch for the media.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

then who's next after cristine? he doesn't even care to us!!he is a crap!

8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

people dying all around and all this moron thinks of is the fantastic PR opportunity. dork.

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

may ibang mga residents ng provident village na nakakita ng totoong nangyari. mga navy volunteers from olongapo ang totoong sumagip kay christine. nasira ang speedboat ni richard kaya sya mismo kinailangang sagipin ng navy. so imbes na makatulong, nakabigat pa sya. tapos pagdating pa doon, syempre maraming natuwa noong nakita si richard kasi may dalang speedboat. sa wakas, may darating na para tumulong. pero anong ginawa ni pretty boy? hindi nya pinansin yung mga humihingi ng tulong sa kanya kasi ang gusto nya lang sagipin eh si christine. kahit yung mga batang na-stranded sa bubong dinaanan nya lang. sino nga naman ba sila para sagipin nya? hindi naman sila showbiz. wala namang makakapansin kung sila ang sinagip nya. sana talaga maraming makaalam kasi sobrang kabastusan talaga hindi lang sa mga totoong hero pero sa lahat ng biktima ng bagyo na may nagte-take advantage sa kalamidad para lang sumikat.

see post#18 by Ice_burn: http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=411251

3:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, he was there because he responded to Christine's call. If ever he was not able to respond to the others,it could be that he was focused on the said call for help!Can we stop this whining please ,instead let us build each other by affirming our capacity to help others in times of need.Above all let us all pray for God help in healing all victims so that they can move on inspite of all these trials.Amen?

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^ first of all, so what if he's there to save christine's life? bottomline is, he didn't. he failed. it's sad that he's giving out interviews at nagpa-press conference pa (what a sick fuck) that he did a heroic feat when in fact:

1. he did not. he himself had to be saved by the navy volunteers because he was stranded when his speedboat conked out, which makes him a dirty liar because he makes it seem na he accomplished singlehandedly something that he didn't accomplish AT ALL.
2. he's not a hero, because if he were, he wouldn't care who he saves, kahit showbiz pa yan o hindi.

ok lang sana if he really tried to save christine pero hindi nya nagawa kasi let's face it, he's not trained to do real heroic rescues. but to hold a press conference and give out interviews to talk about his "heroic feat"? that is the dirtiest most un-cool publicity stunt ever. he must really deluded and seems to forget that he's just an actor who portrays superhero roles, and does a painfully terrible job doing it.

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

korek ka dyan anonymous commentator at 9:33AM. this was probably a desperate attempt on the gutierrez clan to save his image as a murderer.

look if he saved cristine reyes and just kept mum about it, maybe i wouldn't be so harsh on him. pero ang daldal grabe, kaliwa kanan ang pagpapasikat. wake up hijo, gisingin mo rin nanay mo, it's not working. sira na image mo. it's probably better if you own up to your sins and stop proclaiming your innocence in the death of your PA. accident + overspeeding + death = reckless imprudence leading to homicide. reckless imprudence leading to homicide + celebrity + trying to destory the widow's reputation + lying = asshole.

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the comments here are true, shame on Richard!

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

video ng coverage ng Showbiz central, from PinoyExchange.


1:51 - "Unfortunately pati ang speedboat ng actor, di kinaya an bagsik ng bagyo and got stranded in the area as well."

Text says "Annabelle at Eddie Gutierrez napasugod din sa baha matapos ma-stranded si Richard sa baha kasama si Cristine.

3:34 Annabelle clearly says, "Nastranded na nga sila"

3:37: "Mayamaya pa and to everyone's relief, na-rescue rin sina Richard at Cristine.

Text says " Cristine at Richard, ligtas na na-rescue mula sa baha."

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:02 AM  

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