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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Aljur Abrenica Uncovered

What else do you want to know about Aljur Abrenica who was chosen one of the Top 10 among The 69 Cosmo Men of 2009?

Let Aljur play the “Who, What, Where, When, How” game.


1. Who do you run to when you have problems?

“My mom (Amor Guiang) and my dad (Alfonso Abrenica). Open ako sa kanila. I tell them everything about me.”

2. Who is the person that you admire most, your role model?

“Also my dad. He always reminds me not to blame myself when I commit mistakes; instead daw, I should learn from them. Matalas ang pakiramdam niya. Before I commit a mistake, pinapayuhan na niya ako. Sometimes, matigas ang ulo ko at hindi ako nakikinig. He would tell me, ‘Papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na ako.’ I see myself in my dad. Like him, I don’t easily give up.”

3. Who are your favorite actors; the actress who turns you on?

“Sa local, si Dennis Trillo. He’s a good actor. Sa foreign, si Brad Pitt. Idol siya ng buong mundo, di ba? My favorite actress is Carla Abellana. She has a sexy body and a sexy face, pati dimples niya ang ganda. Malakas ang appeal niya.”

4. Who is one person that you want to meet?

“He’s not a person, he’s God. What would I ask Him? Well, kung ano ang plans Niya sa buhay ko. Up to now, I’m asking myself that question.”

5. Who has broken your heart, if ever?

“Do you mean nasa isang relasyon ka at biglang nawala? I haven’t experienced being broken-hearted.”


1. What is the worst tsismis spread about you?

“Like every newcomer, I was also a victim of the ugly rumor that I was a callboy. Di ko kaya ‘yon! Galit daw ako sa mga bading. When I was a kid, I was really irritated sa mga bading na pinipisil-pisil ang puwet ko kapag nasa palengke ako; lagi akong pinagtri-trip-an. But when I joined showbiz, I started to appreciate them.”

2. What is your biggest fear?

“Death. Everybody is afraid of dying, di ba?”

3. What is your favorite pastime?

“I listen to music...all kinds. Jazz, pop, anything! When I like a song, I try to memorize it. Then I keep singing it.”

4. What are your pet peeves?

“’Yung nanlalamang sa kapwa.”

5. What do you like, or don’t like, most about yourself?

“My being patient and God-fearing. What I don’t like about myself? I’m usually pasensyoso pero kapag napuno ako hindi maganda. I explode!”


1. Where is your Achilles’ Heel?

“Wala akong ganoon. I’m not pikon (onion-skinned).”

2. Where are you most comfortable?

“At home where I can do anything. I used to live (somewhere in the Morato area, Quezon City) only with my driver. But now, my family is with me.”

3. Where did you grow up?

“In Angeles City. I was adventurous. I was always out of the house; nabuhuhay ako sa labas. I would sleep over in my friends’ houses. I even experienced sleeping under a tree. I am a survivor.”

4. Where were you during the big flood?

“I was at home, over sleeping. The Morato area was flooded pero hindi umabot sa place namin ang baha. The big flood reminded me of the time when our house was destroyed; the roof was full of lahar. I volunteered to help repack relief goods. I also contributed whatever amount I could afford.”

5. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

“Still in showbiz. Sana may award na ako by that time.”


1. When was the first time, and the last time, you fell in love?

“The first time was when I wasn’t in showbiz yet...in Pampanga. The girl was a friend of our family. I went steady with her for eight months. The last time? Secret!”

2. When did you lose your innocence?

“Ha? Kailangan bang sabihin ‘yon? Sa akin na lang ‘yon. Hehehehe!”

3. When are you happiest?

“When I achieve something...like when I do a successful show. Or kapag malakas ang business namin. It’s a bar in Batangas City called Ichiban; sosyo kami ng dad ko. My dad is a musician. He used to be a member of a metal-rock group called Smashers which played in Olongapo. They changed the name to Love Boys when they started playing mellow tunes. My mother was a member of another band. She and my dad met in Japan when their bands were performing there.”

4. When did you earn your first million?

“When I won in StarStruck in 2006, as The Ultimate Hunk. My prize was P1-million, awarded to me in 2007. I spent the money on things that we needed in the house. Some I used as downpayment for a car.”

5. When are you saddest?

“When any member of my family has a problem, usually financial. Nalulungkot ako kapag ganoon; hindi ako mapalagay.”


1. How do you cope with stress?

“Some people have a massage. I don’t. I just stay home and watch DVDs. Or I sleep. Or I eat and eat! Hehehehe!”

2. How do you know that you are in love?

“Kapag napapakanta ako. ‘Yung out of the blue bigla akong kakanta.”

3. How do you deal with showbiz intrigues?

“I realized that intrigues are really part of showbiz. If the tsismis has no basis, kapag alam ko kung ano ang totoo, I just ignore them. If I know that I’m not guilty of anything or if I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m okay. Relax lang ako.”

4. How do you handle money and stardom?

“I save. I invest some in business, katulad ng bar namin ng dad ko. My mom handles my earnings. I don’t let stardom go to my head. I know that stardom is not forever. While I’m around, I want to entertain as many people as I can.”

5. How different are you now from what you were before you joined showbiz?

“I feel that I’m still the same even if I have no more privacy. I have matured a lot in the past three years. Naging responsable ako. I know my priorities, more or less.”

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