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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Carla Abellana: No baring for me, period

AFTER being on the cover of Cosmo's sexy men issue, is Carla Abellana now also ready to pose for the cover of a men's mag in a skimpy two-piece bikini? "Ay sorry po, no," she says. "Sabi nila, 'wag magsasalita nang patapos, but I think I can say never mangyayari 'yun kasi I promised to my mom and my lola (former actresses Rhea Reyes and Delia Razon) that I will never agree to pose sa cover of any men's magazine. I don't mean to slight those who have posed already but personal choice ko 'yun. Hindi ko kaya, e."

So she'd be wholesome forever? "Why not? Others can do it naman. Basta I'll do my best para alagaan ang career ko hopefully without resorting to going sexy. I can do kissing scenes, love scenes, like what I do in 'Rosalinda' with Geoff Eigenmann with whom I'm so comfortable na, but 'yung to show that much skin, it's another story. Parang sobra na for me kasi honestly, parang hindi na ako mukhang sexy. Anyway, kahit hindi naman ako nagpapa-sexy, may iba pang projects offered to me, like hosting 'StarStruck 5' na hindi ko talaga in-expect."

The conflict in "Rosalinda" got more intense when Alex (Jomari Yllana) called for a presscon and announced his official engagement to Paloma/Rosalinda (Carla.) Fernando Jose or FJ (Geoff Eigenmann) gets so mad and kisses Rosalinda passionately. He realizes the kiss of Paloma and Rosalinda is one and the same, so he kidnaps her. Alex reports this to the police and offers a reward to whoever can take him to FJ's hiding place. Rosalinda manages to escape from FJ, who runs after her. At a bridge, Rosalinda pushes FJ, he falls down and gets crippled. Meanwhile, Evangelina (Jessa Zaragoza) confronts Soledad (Glydel Mercado) upon learning that Beto (Mart Escudero), the boyfriend of Abril (Ryza Cenon), is her nephew. She also finds out that Soledad is the first and real wife of Alfredo (Ariel Rivera) and she's just a "kabit.”




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