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Friday, October 09, 2009

Louie Ang and Marvin Kiefer, the hunk and the boy

Those who have seen Temptation Island know that when the vamp is around, the virgin can’t be far behind. GMA 7’s Survivor Philippines: Palau has its version of these characters in Louie Ang and Marvin Kiefer as the hunk and the boy, respectively. Although their presence makes the island worth visiting, Louie and Marvin have their tempting Survivor stories to tell.

“It was my and my younger brother’s plan to join,” says Louie of his Manila-Palau-bound journey. “I’m adventurous in everything. Life is boring if you’re not.”

“I had no idea where Palau was,” shares Marvin when he learned that the castaways’ playing field was in this Micronesia island. “When I saw the place, (all I could say was) ‘Wow.’”

That’s expected because Palau is a paradise teeming with fauna and flora plus clear waters and sky. It is a place free from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Before they left for the island, Louie and Marvin had a life of their own. Louie worked in an IT department while Marvin did commercials and ramp modeling. To fulfill his Survivor dream, Louie resigned from his post.

“Survivor is a once-in-a-lifetime chance,” he says. “I finished college so it won’t be hard for me to find another job.”

Marvin put on hold his modeling assignments and brought out the backpacker in him.

So when the island hotties went to Palau, Louie and Marvin psyched themselves up as the possible last man standing. They were ready to face the mental and physical demands of living in a remote island and the consequences of becoming the next Sole Survivor.

“You’ve got to have a strategy,” says Louie. “You have to earn the trust of both parties. It’s difficult because you do this on top of being stressed out and hungry and having companions you cannot trust. You have to set aside your emotions and have to be mentally prepared.”

“I just want to show people that I can do it,” answers Marvin when asked of his motivation to be cast away for 39 days. “ I’m not the rich, (spoiled) kid people think. I work hard for myself. I can also apply all the camping I’ve done for past years.”

Yes, Marvin is not just the glamorous guy in chic, fancy clothes. He is into sports and traveling. The Marco Polo in him would rather hop from one place to another in a shoestring budget — checking in the cheapest place and enjoying the destination’s exotic beauty.

“Traveling means culture, people and nature,” says the half-Swiss, half-Filipino lad. “I like hiking up with the tribes and going up to the mountains.”

Louie’s adventurous side and Marvin’s backpacker attitude have helped them surpass some grueling tasks in the island.

“Pulling the carriage without wheels was challenging,” recalls Louie. “You did it against the sand and you were exposed to the scorching heat of the sun. The hugger and puller was also difficult.”

“I liked the wrestling match which I won for my team,” says Marvin. “I could show my strength unlike in previous challenges which banked on team effort.”

After days and nights in Palau, Louie lost to Justine Ferrer and it was the end of the road for him. The boy-next-door from Cagayan de Oro is halfway through in his Survivor quest and televiewers cross their fingers to see him in the face-off round.

“I will continue my work,” says Louie of life after the reality show. “I want to be more adventurous. I plan to hike and do nature tripping.”

“Let me see what happens,” shares Marvin. “I’m open to anything after Survivor.”




Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow chill k lng ok? :)) if the things they say are bogus it's alright to be concerned but it's up to the people to believe what they percieve and i think the viewers are there because of what they think entertains them and not because of those dumb ratings that i think people should really care less. I I think people should know better than go to some forums just to comment like war freaks.

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

at cno ang paniniwalaan namin ang kumpanya nyo at ikaw na sarado ang pagiisip? nanonood k b sa gma?ako both channel ang pinapanood ko kaya alam ko ang mas may katuturan na mga programa kaya manalamin k muna.....

6:59 PM  

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