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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Richard Gutierrez conversations

"Conversations" let Richard Gutierrez play The Alphabet Game and unveil whatever little “mystery” is left of him.

A — Of course, Annabelle (Rama), my mom. People think that she controls the lives of us her children when in fact she doesn’t. She gives us space.

B — Basketball, my No. 1 favorite sport. I take time to play basketball with friends. It’s a good way of relieving stress.

C — I love Cars. My first car was a Lexus. My dream car is Bugatti Veyron which is quite expensive. I’m saving for it...Cristine Reyes. May chemistry pala kaming dalawa. See for yourself in Patient X.

D — It’s strange that everytime I do something good, like saving my Patient X leading lady Cristine Reyes from the roof of her flooded house in Marikina, my Detractors immediately initiate a smear campaign against me. Go ahead if that’s what pleases them. Mas lalo tuloy ako na-e-encourage to do better. All I can say is that I pray for my detractors. Isinasa-Diyos ko na lang sila... Diamonds? When I see a diamond, I remember my mom because she’s into selling diamonds. ‘Yan ang fallback occupation niya kapag madalang ang kita sa showbiz.

E — Of course, Eddie (Gutierrez), my dad. He’s the exact opposite of my mom. He’s very quiet and my mom is...well, everybody knows what my mom is. Maingay! Hehehehe! People often ask me how much of me is Annabelle Rama and how much is Eddie Gutierrez. I always tell them, “50/50.” My brother Elvis, named after you know who is my dad’s idol...Environment. I’m serious about helping preserve the environment and I’m encouraging people to do the same. The sooner we realize the ill effects of global warming, the better for all of us. I’m glad that GMA has tapped me to host Full Force Nature, Signos, Planet: Philippines and Baha Bahay Buhay. I’m honored to have been chosen for a Fr. Neri Satur Award for “environmental heroism.”

F — In showbiz, you don’t really know who your true Friends are, do you? That’s why I’m careful about choosing friends. But I do have true friends. They know who they are. Hello, friends!

G — God. I’m as God-fearing as my mom. Perhaps not many people know that my mom, a Sto. Niño devotee, often flies to her native Cebu just to hear Mass at the Sto. Niño Cathedral. She goes there early in the morning and comes back to Manila in the afternoon.

H — Yes, I am Health-conscious. Remember the saying “Health is wealth”? I eat healthy food and I work out as often as I can. I try to get as much sleep as I can...What’s my idea of Heaven? Being with somebody you love. That’s heaven on earth. And Hell! Being thrown into the company of people you don’t like....Heart Evangelista, my leading lady in the new GMA show Full House, Filipino version of a Koreanovela. It’s our second team-up, after Asero.

I — Who is my Inspiration? I have one but I won’t tell you who. She knows who she is. Hello, my inspiration!

J — The greatest Joy in my life is being with my loved ones — my family — and my friends. Jewelry? No, I’m not fond of jewelry but my mom is. Yes, Japan. Two years ago, I was in Japan and it was one of my most memorable trips abroad.

K — I had fun doing two movies (For The First Time and Till I Met You) with KC Concepcion. We are close friends and that’s how far our relationship goes. Wow, Kare-Kare, my No. 1 favorite along with Sinigang.

L — I was in high school (Beverly Hills High) when I fell in Love for the first time. And when was the last time I fell in love? I am in love. With whom? Guess!

M — I handle Money with care. Matipid ako. I don’t spend unwisely. I invest wisely, with my parents’ guidance. It’s true that showbiz is not forever so...I think the only thing I spend big money on is cars. As I’ve said, I love cars.

N — Nightlife? Graduate na ako d’yan. I have had my share of nightlife, so I’d rather stay home and listen to music or watch DVDs.

O — I love the Ocean, the sea. That’s why I’m also into water-sport like jet-skiing.

P — Patient X, what else? I’m happy to be reunited with Yam. People ask me why a horror film for my first venture as a producer. I say, “Why not?” Who doesn’t enjoy watching a horror film and having a good scare?

Q — You know what Question pops up in my mind every time I read the newspapers and watch the newscast? Why are there so many corrupt leaders in our country? I think the clean-up should start from the top.

R — I’m happy with my name, Richard. I suppose my twin brother Raymond is happy, too, with his name...My brothers Rocky and Ritchie Paul...My sister Ruffa; she’s an ulirang ate talaga. We brothers and sisters are supportive of one another but we don’t meddle in each other’s personal life. As long as they are happy, I’m happy for them. And vice-versa.

S — Do I have a Sex Life? Hmmmmm. Secret! I’d rather keep it to myself.

T — Trust is very important. When I lose trust in somebody, ang hirap nang maibalik — kung mai-babalik pa. In this kind of business, it’s hard to trust just anybody...Toys? Yes, I have toys for big boys, such as my jet-ski and motocross bike.

U — What’s Unique about me? I don’t know. What I know is that I’m in a unique profession because it lays your life bare...Bench Underwear (and other Bench products). I go to bed wearing Bench underwear...Understanding? Yes, I am. Ask...whoever! Hehehehe!

V — Am I Vain? Di ba lahat naman ng artista ay vain? How long does it take me to fix myself? One hour. It takes me longer to fix my hair.

W — My Weakness? You guessed it — Women. Mahina ang resistance ko sa mga babae. Kapag tinitigan ako, ‘yon na yon...Inaamin ko, madali akong matukso.

X — Back to Patient X. The patient in the movie is played by Cristine Reyes. May mystery around her. What is it? That’s for the public to find out.

Y — The Youth of today are more aware than those of yesterday. Up-to-date sila sa mga bagay-bagay, thanks to advances in technology. I just hope that they would be more involved in serious issues such as those concerning the environment.

Z — How can I ever forget Zorro, the first ever Hollywood movie to be adapted by local television? I had fun playing Zorro and I’m sure other actors before me felt the same way, like Antonio Banderas (The Mask of Zorro and The Legend of Zorro).



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