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Friday, November 20, 2009

Does Krista really drive Pacman crazy?

Is it for reel or for real?

In the beginning, showbiz-watchers suspected that the ties that bind Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Krista Ranillo were connected to the promo (read: gimmick) of their movie Wapakman which is included in next month’s Metro Filmfest. You know how it goes in local showbiz: During the promo period, the lead stars are supposed to be in love with each other, the better to whet the public’s appetite for gossip. The “romance” is usually co-terminus with the release of the movie... unless further evidence proves otherwise.

Now, is everything we’ve been hearing about Krista and Manny for real? Could it be true that Krista, who graduated with honors from Ateneo (Interdisciplinary Studies with tracks in Communication and Psychology), is driving Pacman crazy and Pacman’s wife raging with jealousy? If so, what kind of pound-for-pound treatment is Krista giving Pacman?

Of course, it’s not the first time that Krista, who is in her mid-20s, is being linked to a married man. When she was sweet sixteen, Krista’s name cropped up as one of the reasons behind the break-up of Gina Alajar and Michael de Mesa. I asked Michael about it then and he answered only with an enigmatic smile. In last Sunday’s The Buzz, hosts Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino quoted what Gina wrote in her Facebook
, something like “If I were Jinkee, I won’t give up on Manny; Krista is not worth it.”

I heard that Gina cried “Foul!” and took The Buzz to task for not asking her permission to quote from her Facebook. In the first place, if Gina had a piece of advice for Jinkee, why did she not just call or text Jinkee and not do it via her Facebook which can be accessed by your “friends” (one of whom could tip off a movie writer or a TV host)?

The rumor involving Krista and Pacman persists because of their public visibility together, to wit:

• Several weeks ago when Pacman and company took a vacation in Hong Kong, Krista was also there with Pacman’s (female) hairstylist who is said to be the “bridge” between the two;

• When Pacman distributed relief goods among the Ondoy victims, Krista was also with him. Take note: It’s not at all connected with their movie’s promo;

• When Pacman was training in Baguio for his fight with Puerto Rico’s Miguel Cotto, Krista was also there, reportedly giving Pacman, ehem, “moral” support, and that she exchanged “loaded” words with a sexy actress once also linked to Pacman; and

• When Pacman fought Cotto last Saturday (Sunday, Manila Time) in Las Vegas, Krista was there, seated at the far end with her father, Mat Ranillo III (also seen in some of the Krista-Pacman “sightings,” maybe acting as chaperon because the family is said to be “conservative”), and other members of the family; while Jinkee, with her twin sister, and their friends were at the ringside.

As Funfare reported the other day, Pacman’s two women crossed paths at the Chanel Shop in Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. The eyewitness said that “sparks nearly flew” when the two groups threw snide remarks at each other.

During Pacman’s post-fight concert at Mandalay Bay, he ignored a request to acknowledge and thank Jinkee onstage, making people conclude that, yes, there must be some trouble in the couple’s marriage, especially when Jinkee cried during the thanksgiving Mass for Pacman where the homily was about the importance of keeping the family intact at all costs and preventing anything that would break it.

Krista confirmed only to Funfare that she did see Manny in Hong Kong. That was the only time she ever talked about the “reel” romance that has become...so “real”?

But Krista, who was on the same flight with Pacman to Hong Kong, said that it was all coincidence just like when she bumped into Pacman at a mall in Hong Kong. Again “by coincidence,” they were on the same flight back to Manila, and she and her friends accepted Pacman’s invitation for them to ride in his car from the airport to where Solar Entertainment boss Wilson Tieng was celebrating his birthday. That was during the start of their “being seen together.” Since that admission, Krista has never answered calls and text messages. (Hi, Krista! The line is open anytime you want to tell the truth, er, to air your side.)

There are side bars to the story, to the effect that Krista’s dad is running (for congressman again?) in 2010 and he badly needs the support of Pacman who himself is again jumping into the political arena, undaunted by the TKO he got from Darlene Antonino-Custodio in the 2007 congressional race in South Cotabato.

The plot is getting thicker and thicker.

Pacman is arriving with Jinkee today from L.A. Can Krista be far behind?

After winning his seventh title in seven different weight divisions, can Pacman emerge with gloved right hand raised in triumph in what might be his eighth “title”?

Dejado or llamado?

You can place your bets now.




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