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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Gina Alajar Official Statement about the scandal

Gina Alajar Official Statement about the scandal on Showbiz Central.

Gina Alajar is making a mountain out of a molehill. She said that she holds no grudge against Krista Ranillo when she posted the shoutout on Facebook. She lied, in my opinion. Watch her eyes when she answered the question from Mr. Gutierrez and you can tell she was lying. If she did not have any hatred against Ranillo, she could have not included the name of Krista on the shoutout. If her intention was to only sympathize with Jinkee, then she could have rephrased the shoutout to a less hateful one.

Gina Alajar was again wrong when she said that she can do anything with her Facebook account. Yes, it is hers and she can do anything with her wall. But if Gina is smart enough, she should know that nothing is absolute. She may have the freedom to say anything but that freedom has limits. If she indeed is smart then she should have thought beforehand what to post on the wall. She should know that she isn't an ordinary person. She is Gina Alajar, who most Filipinos know. Whatever she says, people react. Did she ever think that posting a comment about someone who she had a grudge against in the past will create an issue? Did she ever think about that?

Gina Alajar could have just deleted the name of Krista Ranillo on her shoutout and her intention of sending a message of support for Jinkee will still be conveyed. Yet, in a much controversial way.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

sourgrape ang tawag dyan........hehehehehe

magpakatotoo ka gina.

1:01 PM  

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