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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Krista sows wind, reaps whirlwind

WE cannot understand for the life of us why the Ranillos insist on continuously stoking the flames of the red-hot controversy involving Krista Ranillo and Manny Pacquiao. Having been sired in showbusiness from the era of her lola Gloria Sevilla to her dad Mat, Krista must be exceedingly familiar with the rumor machine that accompanies every celebrity on the loose.

Why then does she and Mat seem to deliberately court tsismis by doing the very things they know so well will land in the papers, television, radio, and that all invasive and all destructive medium of word-of-mouth. Granting that those visual evidences of inordinate closeness with the Pacman is all in innocence, they should have shut up after the media caught wind of it. But no, they continued reacting each and every minute that made people talk all the more. Mat who has played Jesus Christ countless of times in his youth must be familiar with that Biblical warning, “He who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind.”

The latest is the Gina Alajar controversy where Gina simply gave Pacman’s wife Jinkee advice. Even if it did seem that Krista’s “worthiness” was being questioned, still they should have kept silent. Krista and Pacman have a movie in the offing and stars have been known to do worse just to promote a picture especially when the odds are such that you are up against a Vic Sotto, a Dolphy, a Mano Po nth edition from Regal, and a Laurice Guillen entry from Star Cinema.

Besides, don’t they know the meaning of “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire?” Or are they really out to milk the issue dry? Why don’t they follow the example of former Pond’s endorser ABS-CBN talent Maricar Reyes who when confronted with the Hayden Kho sex video just kept quiet beyond admitting he was an ex. After all, it really was her problem and the public had no right to put their fingers into the pie. And look at where she is now? Not only does she have a thriving career, but she is gaining admiration for her beauty and acting ability. And it is not because of the scandal, but because she kept silent about the scandal and just did her job well.

But now that photos of Krista being kissed by lesbian Mocha Uson, lead singer of the band Mocha, are sweeping the Internet, it seems obvious enough that the lovely daughter of Mat will not keep silent. She is in that adventurous devil-may-care stage of her rebellious life. Manny and Jinkee will be happy. The focus is now on whether Krista is a lesbian or not. Mocha, however, has shared details in her blog. Apparently, the kissing scene happened way back in March at Mocha’s photo shoot of her cover. She met Krista and asked if she would like to kiss, and they did in front of camera clicking insiders.

The issue has been revived now with the Krista-Pacman alleged affair and Mocha dispensing advice in her blog as reported by ShowBiz Talk.net, “I love to have fun and play around, get dirty and all. But my number one rule: the guy must be single. Smart women don’t mess around with married men. If these allegations are not true, I would tell Krista to be strong and take heart. Pacman is running for office and his opponents are trying to bring him down. We should be celebrating Pacman’s victory over Cotto. He has greatly helped put the Philippines back on the global map. We need to cut him some slack….I am not a perfect person. I do things beyond the ‘normal’ but I never involve myself with a married man.”

Smart girl this Mocha.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

all i can say is "TSISMOSA KA "nobody needs your advice or thought.

12:14 AM  

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