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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Arnold Clavio tackles issues fair & square

Who’s not familiar with Arnold Clavio?

He greets your mornings with the latest news on GMA 7’s Unang Hirit. At 10 a.m. weekdays on DZBB, he tackles issues and enlightens listeners on matters concerning the nation. He also deals with unsolved crimes Thursday nights in Case Unclosed. And just when you’re ready to hit the sack, Arnold with Vicky Morales caps the day with hard-hitting stories that everyone needs to know in Saksi.

That’s not all. Arnold is at all times in the front line during political fora for Pinoys to be informed about politics, the politicians involved, and other topics in the political arena. He tackles every discussion in a non-partisan way, always living up to the Kapuso slogan of Walang Kinikilingan, Walang Pinoprotektahan, Serbisyong Totoo lamang.

“By presenting issues on TV and radio, we get the people’s reaction and learn things they want to know. I become an instrument to ask questions they feel need answers.”

And now that election time is getting nearer, Arnold takes part in educating the electorate through Kandidato, a GMA News and Public Affairs 45-minute series featuring presidential aspirants that airs Wednesdays beginning tonight after Saksi.

“There are a lot of interesting and revealing information about presidentiables that you will learn from the show. You’ll see who is the most focused, well-prepared and who doesn’t know what to answer,” offers Arnold.

Televiewers will see one presidential aspirant per episode treated as job applicants where they have to answer questions from three panelists composed of Arnold, Malou Mangahas of Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism and Howie Severino. The questions are divided into three categories — easy, average and difficult. Each question, which will be based on every candidate’s platform, and controversies where he is involved and key issues, must be answered within 30 seconds.

“That’s where they feel the pressure. But you’ll be impressed how each candidate looks at certain issues. They also know about figures and economic percentage. So far, those we have already interviewed during tapings showed they have prepared.”

Arnold says every question to be raised aims to give a clear view of the candidates’ stand. Questions in the difficult round are about controversies and are well-researched. The Ateneo School of Law helps determine if the questions are fair, too general or need to be more direct.

Even Arnold simplifies a question in layman’s terms every time he feels it won’t be interesting to viewers or is too technical. The show also airs a two-minute video about each candidate.

Asked if he sees himself joining politics someday, Arnold says as a media practitioner he is able to help those who come to him. His IGAN Foundation is aimed at the good of others. His daughter who graduated from Ateneo is also involved in the foundation.

“I will remain a Kapuso,” he says, shedding light on the rumor that he will jump ship.

With his busy schedule, is there any time left to rest and spend a day for his family?

“Yes. I take power naps between shows and I have a half way house with my family,” replies Arnold.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

bakla ba yan?

at bakit kung nagsasalita sya sa harap ng cam ay palignon-lingon sa apligid na parang laging me hinahanap?

ano ba yan, wala na ba kaung makuhang iba.

11:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hindi ako sang-ayon sa pahayag ng DOH na ang pangangaliwa ay nagiging sanhi ng sakit sa puso. Paano naman ang mga may sakit sa puso na nakuha sa magulang at talagang may karamdaman? Kailangan pa silang magpaliwanag na hindi sila kumakaliwa? Mas magkakasakit sa puso ang isang lalaki kung ang asawang babae ay insecured, walang tiwala sa asawa, selosa, madaldal at walang tiwala sa sarili niya. Ang pagsisinungaling ba ay sapat ng batayan para sa pagkakaroon ng sakit sa puso?

5:52 PM  

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