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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Jennylyn Mercado: Dennis is 'good influence'

Finally, after almost three years, Patrick Garcia had a chance to kiss and hug his love son Alex Jazz (AJ) with Jennylyn “Jen” Mercado. The two are having a long-running ELQ (Ex-Lovers’ Quarrel) that has remained unresolved.

The occasion was the birthday party of Kendra, daughter of Patrick’s sister Cheska (now Mrs. Doug Kramer), last Sunday. Jen was there but she and Patrick didn’t go beyond swapping tentative “Hi’s!” Jen is now into a “special relationship” (more than friends but not sweethearts, understand?) with Dennis Trillo who himself is the unwed parent of a two-year-old boy, Calyx, with ex-girlfriend Carlene Aguilar (now happily married to a non-showbiz guy).

“Dennis is a good influence in my life,” admitted Jen at last Thursday’s presscon for Rosario, a 2010 Metro Filmfest entry directed by Albert Martinez in which she co-stars with Dennis, together with Phillip Salvador, Ricky Davao, Yul Servo and Isabel Oli. “It was he who convinced me to let AJ see his father. Happy ako na nagkita na rin ‘yung mag-ama. I’m sure ‘yon na rin ang hinihintay ng family nila, na ‘yon na rin naman ang gusto ng family namin.”

The ex-lovers’ misunderstanding was caused by Patrick’s careless (insensitive) remark in a TV interview in which he gave a vague answer that seemed to imply that he was “doubting” that he was the father of the baby Jen was then heavy with. Hurt, Jen stopped talking to Patrick and refused to let him see their son.

But Jen said that she and Cheska, along with the rest of Patrick’s family, are okay.

“Cheska and I talk on the phone or send each other text messages every day. Palagi niyang kinukumusta si AJ,” adding, “It feels good na wala nang samaan ng loob at wala nang problema.”

Jen’s son and Dennis’ son have become playmates since their first meeting several weeks ago, with the blessing of Carlene.

The kiddie party was not the right time for Jen and Patrick to discusss the nitty-gritty, such as Patrick’s sustento for AJ.

“I guess we will eventually talk at the right time.”

What other pieces of “positive” advice is she getting from Dennis?

“Dennis is a good man. Tahimik lang. Mahaba ang pasensya niya. He has taught me how to be patient.”

“I understand what Jen and Patrick, especially Patrick, are going through dahil pinagdaanan ko rin ‘yon,” said Dennis who had similar issues with Carlene after Calyx was born. “So I gave Jen (pieces of) advice based on my own experience.”

Jen and Dennis were first cast together in Blue Moon, a Regal romance-drama shown at a Metro Filmfest a few years ago. They were committed to other partners then. They became close while doing the GMA soap Gumapang Ka sa Lusak which ended recently.

Although they have been spending private moments together (such as a vacation in Hong Kong last Holy Week), Dennis confirmed what Jen said that they are still getting to know each other.

“We have known each other for only several weeks and yet close na close na kami,” said Dennis who has been linked to a few other actresses including Cristine Reyes and Pauleen Luna.

Asked if Dennis is faithful, Jen laughed, “Don’t ask me, ask him!”

Asked if he is, Dennis blushed a bit, “Oo naman!”

What friendly, if unsolicited, advice would he give Patrick if they met?

“Just to keep the communication line between him and Jen open. At pag-usapan nilang mabuti kung ano man ang dapat nilang pag-usapan, and to always take their kid into consideration.”

Happy with herself, her love life and the world around her, Jen has become more understanding and more “giving.”

Asked when Patrick may see AJ again, Jen said, “It depends on him. He’s now welcome to see or visit AJ anytime he wants to.”




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