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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Joey De Leon willing to co-host with Willie

JOEY De Leon will now be seen day and night on TV. Noontime, he’s in the daily “Eat Bulaga” on GMA7. Now, he’s also seen on TV5’s prank and comedy show, “Wow Meganon?”, Monday to Friday, 9 to 9:30 p.m. On Saturday, he’s also seen in GMA’s “Startalk” and on Sunday, he’ll be in another new TV5 show, “House Or Not,” that will pre-program “P05.” In the evening, he’s in GMA’s “Mel & Joey,” making him the most visible face on local TV seen every single day, whether day or night. In “Wow Meganon?”, he’ll have a new co-host, Mr. Fu, and they’ll be supported by ventriloquist Wanlu with puppet Nicolo, magician Jeff Tam and the SOS mimes of Lokomoko U. In “House or Not,” he gives away various home showcases and house and lot to lucky contestants in a game show reminiscent of those daffy Japanese game shows. We’ve seen the pilot episode with Ian de Leon, Matet de Leon and her husband, plus their other relatives. They play various wacky games with resident Ogagsters and Hentai Girls of the show and the result is a rollicking hour of hilarious entertainment, with Ruffa Mi as Joey’s assistant called Mayor Donna.

Is it true Joey didn’t show up once in “Startalk” after he heard GMA would get Willie Revillame? “That’s not true,” he says. “Nasira ang tiyan ko noon. Si Lolit (Solis) ang may sabing dahil kay Willie, sinakyan ko na lang. Kung 'yun ang decision ng network, wala naman akong magagawa. At saka hindi naman ako 'yung nagpapaalis ng tao. Siya 'yun.”

What if TV5 would ask him and Willie to be co-hosts? “Okay lang, basta gusto ng network. Nagkatrabaho na rin kami ni Willie noon sa movies. Pero malabong mangyari 'yan ngayon kasi ang dami kong ginagawa. At saka hindi pa naman siya bumabalik, di ba? Bumalik muna siya. Basta ang format ‘Night and Day’. Ako yung sa Day, siya 'yung kasabay ni German Moreno. O, joke lang yan, ha. At saka hindi naman akong kaaway niya kundi si Jobert Sucaldito. Sila ni Jobert ang tanungin nyo kung willing sila magtrabaho sa isa’t isa. Tama na yang Joey-Willie. Luma na yan. Ang mas exciting ngayon, yung Angelica-Claudine.”




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