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Sunday, December 12, 2010

No rivalry between Empress and Jennica

They’re from rival networks. Jennica Garcia is a Kapuso while Empress Schuck is a Kapamilya, so they’re glad to be given the chance to work together as twin endorsers of Natasha Beauty Sketches. “This is rare so I’m really thankful to Natasha,” says Empress. “If not for them, Jennica and I won’t get the opportunity na magkasama.”

Both of them hold much promise. Jennica is proud that she gets to do both comedy and drama in her GMA 7 shows. In Jejemom, which just ended, she did comedy with Eugene Domingo while in Bantatay, she’s into drama as the blind girl, Joanna, who owns the talented dog that is possessed by the spirit of a murder victim, Raymart Santiago. “I’m also glad Bantatay is rating high on at 6 p.m., Monday to Friday,” she says.

It’s common knowledge her current boyfriend is Alwyn Uytingco, who’s also a Kapamilya. How come it’s said that Alwyn is a bad influence on her? “It’s unfair for him to be branded as such kasi napakabait niya. Wala namang ginagawang masama sa’kin yung tao. You can ask my mom. They get along fine, hindi sila nag-aaway, contrary to rumors. I think fans ng love team namin ni Carl Guevarra ang nag-re-react kasi we’re paired in Bantatay and Jejemom, but I’m linked to Alwyn who’s from ABS-CBN.”

But supposing Alwyn is not in her life, would she fall for Carl? “I don’t know. Carl and I are good friends. Maalaga siya sa set during taping. When it’s hot, he even fans me. But hanggang friends lang kami talaga.”

Doesn’t Alwyn get jealous with her closeness to Carl? “No, he knows hanggang sa work lang kami ni Carl, dahil pag walang work, I’m with him and not with anyone else, no? He watches Bantatay and even he says Carl and I have a good chemistry on screen. The show is gaining more viewers ngayong wala kaming matirhan ng mga anak ni Raymart as Bantay kasi umalis na kami sa pet shop where I work. Then, Raymart gets to see his missing wife, Gelli de Belen, who they think is dead, so there’s hope for their kids.”

Empress is NBSB or no boyfriend since birth. At 17, she says she’s not in a hurry to have one. “It’s only now that my career is taking off so I’d rather focus on this first,” says the former child star who has won awards as Best Child Actress. “I had a great time working with Lorna Tolentino as one of her daughters in Sa’Yo Lamang, which also gave me the chance to be directed by Laurice Guillen. It was a very pleasant experience for me as I really learned a lot. On TV, I just finished my first title role series, Rosalka, and I was told I’d be in the new show that will star Robin Padilla and Bea Alonzo to start taping next month.”

She’ll obviously play a supporting role in that show. Doesn’t she mind when she already played a lead role in Rosalka? “Not at all. Mag-iinarte pa ba ako when this is my chance to get to work with Robin? As for Bea, she played my half sister in Sa’Yo Lamang and she’s such a good drama actress kaya I’m looking forward to working with her again. Isa pa, this is a primetime show whereas Rosalka is an afternoon show, so I really welcome working on a primetime drama.”

If ever she’d be asked to do more mature roles that require kissing scenes, would she do it? “I’m not in a hurry, but I’m sure darating din ako diyan. I’d be 18 next year and I don’t know if ABS has plans of giving me more mature or daring roles. Kailangan ko munang paghandaan yan.”

If ever, who would she like to do her first kissing scene with? “John Lloyd Cruz, definitely. He’s our hottest young actor today, di ba? And everyone wants to get the chance to work with him.”

So why did Natasha choose Jennica and Empress as their endorsers? “Because they’re both beautiful, talented and fast-rising. They’re also our most promising young actresses so they’re perfect for our makeup line for teens that offers a complete array of beauty products from pressed powder and lipstick to eye shadow, blush and cologne at reasonable prices,” say Natasha execs whose products are now available in 20 countries worldwide.

Do they really use Natasha products? “Yes, I use the Natasha sunscreen to protect my skin and their lip gloss that has a yummy taste,” says Empress.

“Their products are also hypoallergenic kaya I don’t worry na baka magkaroon ng bad reaction sa skin ko,” says Jennica.




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