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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hayden Kho never learns

HAYDEN Kho is notoriously hogging the limelight once again because of the heated words with Senator Bong Revilla whom he called closed-minded.

Seeing Hayden’s words as proof that he had not really changed after the sex video scandal, many are now inclined to believe that he has not learned anything.

Senator Bong Revilla was instrumental in the conduct of an investigation regarding the sex video scandal case that ultimately cost Hayden his license as a medical doctor.

Instead of keeping the peace, Hayden succeeded only in calling negative attention to himself and earning a response from the camp of the well-meaning senator who reminded the public and Hayden that he could not have conducted the investigation to gain political mileage but to help Katrina Halili and other women like her who apparently have been made victims of abuse.

Won’t Hayden ever learn how to be humble and to take responsibility for his actions?


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Monday, November 29, 2010

Who will survive Survivor Philippines?

Aubrey Miles is dubbed the “villain.” Akihiro Sato is “Mr. Nice Guy.” Solenn Heusaff is called Ang Diwata sa Isla. And Ervic Vijandre is tagged the “Power Player.”

Now, their fate as the Final Four in Survivor Philippines hangs in the balance as the time of reckoning has come. Followers of GMA’s reality show will find out who will be called the Sole Survivor this week, as the game reaches its final stretch, with a mysterious twice thrown in for good measure.

Win or lose, the Final Four agrees their one-month stay in the island is a journey worth taking. Like all journeys of self-discovery, getting there is just half the fun. The many bumps and twists along the way is a thrill ride in itself.

There, away from family and friends and with complete strangers around them, the Final Four took a crash course on life with a capital L.

Like life, no one said a month on the island would be easy. No textbook – however thick – prepared the Final Four for what they went through.
Akihiro: Happy at finding out that he is strong enough to withstand loneliness in the island

Lies had to be said. Betrayals made. Loneliness endured. But friendships also blossomed. Lessons were learned. And everyday became more colorful.

Aubrey admits she had to lie to survive.

“Betrayal is the nature of the game,” she explains. And she had to endure the unkind descriptions attached to her name. People attacked her being a mother. Someone said Aubrey will do everything in the game because husband Troy has no more money.

Aubrey grinned and decided to bear it. But Troy wanted to cry foul. He could have spoken his mind in public but Aubrey said no.

“It’s not that I’ve grown numb,” says Aubrey. “I know myself.”

No, she didn’t join for the prize money (P3-M, tax free) as she first claimed she did.

She joined the game to get the Sole Survivor title and nothing else.

“I can earn the money myself,” Aubrey says.
Aubrey: Betrayal is the nature of the game

But if she does win, this mother of one (to Hunter, two) will get nothing for herself. She will save it all for her son.

Solenn is different. She may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth. But the model, socialite, artist and entrepreneur wants to keep half of the prize money she will win for herself, if ever she will be named Sole Survivor. The rest will go to charity.

“Everyone needs money. I haven’t earned anything on my own,” she admits.

So instead of asking money from her parents, Solenn vowed she will invest in an apartment so she can get additional income from.

The charity part will come in when she gives part of her prize money to CRIBS Foundation for orphans and a Tawi-Tawi school her dad is helping.

But what are her chances of winning in the first place?

Solenn is not as self-assured as Aubrey, whom she (Solenn) considers her strongest rival.

“When I watched Survivor, I saw how they felt about me not needing the (prize) money,” Solenn explains. That’s why Solenn thinks she won’t win even if she knows she played the game well and deserves the top plum.
Ervic: Survivor has taught him to expect the unexpected

She doesn’t have to bag the title though. This early, Solenn already feels a winner because Survivor taught her to appreciate little things she used to take for granted.

Her brother is one.

“I used to tell him to go away whenever he came up to me and hugged me. But when I saw him in the island, it was like a scene straight out of a movie. I missed him!”

Skipping a shower on the island and sleeping in harsh surroundings have made Solenn less of the neat freak she used to be.

The show also opened wide the doors of showbiz for her.

“I used to say I won’t enter showbiz. I don’t want to be made fun of. Besides, I’ve never tried acting.”

But Solenn is eating her words. She now wants to start with a comedy project since Solenn admits she finds it hard to cry in front of the camera. Acting workshops are also in the drawing board.

Like Solenn, Ervic wants to get his feet wet in showbiz after Survivor. Having a following has made him feel at ease before the klieg lights. Ervic himself was taken aback.

“I didn’t know I’ll enjoy showbiz,” he relates. “It’s funny. I’ve never danced nor sung. I already danced on stage in Cebu and sang thrice in Iloilo. I’ve come out of my shell.”

Time was when all he wanted was to move out of ex-girlfriend Marian Rivera’s shadow, have a billboard and join a reality show. That done, Ervic has moved on to another dream. This time, all he wants is to grace the cover of a men’s health magazine. He’s an athlete and rightfully proud of his stamina.
Solenn: She has learned to appreciate little things she used to take for granted

Ervic’s bigger dream though, is to make his mom stop working as a barangay nurse and put up a salon of her own.

“That’s what I’ll do if I win the grand prize,” says the self-confessed Mama’s Boy.

He also promises to ‘strategize’ his life. Survivor has taught Ervic to expect the unexpected. For one, he never planned to be visible in Survivor, but Ervic handily did. He has also found an ally in Aubrey.

If his power moves made Ervic stay in the game, Akihiro’s smile made him hurdle all the challenges he faced. The Brapanese hunk with the Pinoy heart won more fans by just flashing that winning smile.

But just how far will his smile take him at the game’s homestretch?

All Akihiro knows is he has seen the worst — not only in his surroundings but in people as well. He endured having no food, the worst weather and others that can try the toughest of men.

But that’s nothing compared to the intrigues he faced.

“I’m tired of this dating game,” he protests. That why he doesn’t plan to join Survivor again. It’s enough that he has experienced it, “not for the money, but to see how it works.”

All the betrayals are water under the bridge for Akihiro now. What matters, he says, is that they are all safe and healthy.

Mr. Nice Guy is also happy at finding out that he is strong enough to withstand loneliness in the island, thousands of miles away from home.

He will prioritize his family should he win the P3-M grand prize.

“I want to bring my family here, and put up a restaurant, which is our business in Brazil,” he relates.

Meantime, showbiz beckons. Survivor has taught Akihiro more Tagalog words. And he plans to keep on learning.

As in all games, Survivor will have only one winner. But non-winners will not go home empty-handed. The things they learned and discovered about themselves along the way are worth a lifetime of wisdom.

There are no losers. Just lessons learned, friendships formed, and a braver way of facing the world.



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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mel & Joey visits New Zealand

GMA 7’s Mel & Joey takes us to beautiful Wellington, New Zealand tonight.

Hosts Mel Tiangco and Joey de Leon give us a tour of the location sites where the gigantic Hollywood film Lord Of The Rings was shot. They will also show us the expensive costumes and props used in the movie.

To know who the early settlers and tribes of Wellington were, one should go to the Cottage Museum where their historical bits and pieces are on display while to get familiarized with the aborigines’ customs and livelihood the Te Papa Interactive Museum is a must.

Mel and Joey meet successful Pinoys Ivy Padilla of the Music and Stage Musical, award-winning artists Jojo Jowett and Isagani Alamani, and Alice Lozano.

For authentic Filipino cuisine and delicacies Pinoys and New Zealanders alike frequent Tibiao Catering.


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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why Charice’s GMA special was scrapped

Sad news: Charice’s (photo) planned Christmas special for GMA has been scrapped. Here’s the statement from GMA explaining why:

GMA Network today received an official statement from Ms. Grace Mendoza, manager of Charice Pempengco on the postponement of the singing star’s television performances and commitments in the Philippines.

“Filipino singing star Charice will not be returning to her homeland this weekend for several previously announced TV performances and appearances. The singer, according to her physician, is “suffering from dehydration caused by a recent stomach flu.”

“I want to apologize for disappointing my fans and supporters in the Philippines but I have been advised by my doctor to rest for the next couple of days,” commented Charice.

GMA Network regrets not being able to do the planned Christmas special with Charice at this time but understands that her well being is first and foremost. The Network on the other hand is glad to announce to all her fans and followers that Charice has committed to do a TV Special with the Kapuso Network as soon as she is able to come home.


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Carla Abellana denies breakup with Geoff

CARLA Abellana is happy to be part of “Shake Rattle & Roll 12” in the “Funeraria” episode, directed by award-winning indie filmmaker Jerrold Tarog.

“It’s his first mainstream film and he’s got plenty of fresh ideas,” she says. “Kakaiba ang style niya in scaring people, so kahit you’re used na to horror flicks, this offers something new. Matatakot ka talaga. In the movie, I’m the private tutor of two kids who can’t go to school due to some illness. They live in a funeraria with Sid Lucero and Odette Khan. Slowly, I discover they’re aswangs.”

What can Carla say about her dad Rey Abellana’s disapproval of her having a boyfriend in Geoff Eigenmann? “I just want to clarify that he’s not against Geoff. He’s against it kasi I’m still very new raw in showbiz at dapat, career muna ang focus ko. I love my dad and I want to thank him for being protective, but I told him I’m old, responsible and wise enough to make decisions for myself and I think he respects that. Geoff is a good person so he doesn’t have to worry about him.”

Some folks say it might affect their work, like when they taped for GMA’s “Puso ng Pasko” when they seem to be having an LQ. “I don’t think being on can affect our careers adversely. Siyempre, depende na 'yan sa dalawang taong nagmamahalan and how will they handle their relationship. Hindi kami break, we’re still together.”

How’s it working with Geoff’s cousin in “Shake 12,” Sid Lucero? “It’s great. They’re both very good, intense actors. We had fun working together.”

So who’s handsomer? “Magkaiba sila, pero siyempre, sasabihin ko, si Geoff.”



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EJ Performed Listen in Eat Bulaga

EJ, Filipino gay guy, performed Listen in one of the Philippine's daily noontime show "Eat Bulaga."

Watch the video:

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jennylyn Mercado shows more skin in new movie

“Rosario” is the only straight drama in the filmfest and this early, many predict it’ll win most of the awards as it’s not escapist fantasy like the other entries, saying title-roler Jennylyn Mercado has a good chance of winning best actress.

“I’m not expecting anything,” says Jen. “Basta I did everything Direk Albert told me to do. In my six years in showbiz, this is my most daring and challenging role since I had to show some skin in my love scenes with Dennis Trillo and Yul Servo, and even by myself in scenes where I’m changing my clothes. I was so nervous as first time ko to do this, but I’ve seen them na and artistic ang pagkakagawa ni Direk Albert who I trusted so much. May pressure sa ’kin kasi I play the title role at puro big name stars ang kalaban namin. Basta I did my best, I gave my all, and I’m just happy nagawa ko nang maayos ang trabaho ko. Quality-wise, I’m proud of the film and I can show it to my son when he grows up.”

“Rosario” is based on the true story of magnate Manny V. Pangilinan’s grandma, a liberated Filipina in the 20s who just arrived from New York and defied convention when she falls for an older man (Yul Servo) then commits the sin of adultery with a younger lover (Dennis Trillo).

Also in the film are Phillip Salvador, Sid Lucero, Isabel Oli, Eula Valdes, Ricky Davao, Empress Schuck, Chanda Romero, Liza Lorena, Rita Avila, and Dolphy in a special role as the son of Rosario who tells the story.

Since “Rosario” is produced by Studio 5 of TV5, Jen is not sure if she’d be allowed by GMA-7 to go to TV5 to promote or if she’d be allowed to promote it on the shows of GMA. “Sana naman, pumayag sila. Napakaganda ng movie at 'wag sanang maging biktima ng network wars.”



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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

$10-M suit vs Pacman settled

Ang misis ni Manny Pacquiao na si Jinkee ang sumagot ng mga intrigang naglalabasan laban sa kanyang mister.

Una na rito ang paglabas ng unauthorized biography book ni Pacman.

Say ni Jinkee, ipinaubaya na raw nila ito sa kanilang mga abogado para matigil ang pagbebenta ng naturang libro.

Nagulat nga raw si Jinkee kasi may inilabas nang libro si Manny, pagkatapos may isa pang libro na bigla ring lumabas.

Ayon kay Jinkee, hindi pa niya nakikita ang kontrobersiyal na libro pero may nagpakita na raw yata nito kay Manny kaya agad nilang kinausap ang kanilang abogado para ayusin ito.

“Ang mahirap kasi di-yan, baka kung anong kuwento lang ang nasa libro. Hindi namin alam ang purpose nu’ng sumulat. Baka puro paninira lang kay Manny ang laman ng libro niya. Kaya gusto ni Manny, matigil ang pagbenta ng book na ’yun,” paliwanag ni Jinkee.

Ikalawa, ang pagdedemanda umano ng isang record producer kay Manny dahil sa hindi nito tinupad ang pinirmahang kontrata na mag-record ng album para sa kumpanyang RBM.

Kaya idinemanda si Pacman ng $10 million.

Paliwanag ni Jinkee, noong nasa Los Angeles daw sila, nagkausap na sina Manny at ang RBM kaya naayos na ang gusot na ito.

“Yes, may pinirmahang kontrata si Manny sa kanila for an album. Nagkataon kasi na may laban si Manny that time rin at hindi niya maharap ang pag-recording, Mas nakatutok kasi siya sa training noon.

“Hanggang sa makauwi na kami at ang pagtakbo naman niya noong election ang hinarap niya. Kaya natagalan ’yung paggawa niya ng album. Wala naman ba-lak takbuhan ni Manny ’yan. Alam niya ang obligasyon niya at hindi siya manloloko ng tao dahil lang sa pera.

“Sa December, babalik si Manny sa US at doon na niya haharapin ang recording ng album. Kaya okey na ang lahat,” mahabang paliwanag pa ni Jinkee.



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TV Ratings Mega Manila - November 19 to 21

(November 19 to 21, 2010; AGB Nielsen People Ratings)

November 19, 2010 (Friday)

Shining Inheritance 2.4%
Panahon Ko ‘To 1.6%

Love ni Mister, Love ni Misis 1.5%
Showtime 4.7%

Asar Talo 3.9%
Eat Bulaga 9.9%
Pilipinas Win na Win 3.9%

Yaman ni Lola 5%
Juanita Banana 5.2%

Little Star 6%
Precious Hearts Romances : Alyna 5.6%

Koreana 6.7%
Kapamilya Blockbusters 3.8%

Temptation of Wife 6%
Bantatay 9.2%
Down with Love 3.9%

Press It Win It 8.3%
Kokey @ Ako 7.7%

24 Oras 11.1%
TV Patrol 8.5%
Willing Willie 10.5%

Survivor Philippines 12.1%
Noah 9.5%
Mara Clara 10.8%

Grazilda 13.3%
Imortal 12.4%

Ilumina (finale) 15%
Kristine 9.1%

Beauty Queen 10.5%
Perfect Match 6.6%

Bubble Gang 7.4%
Showbiz News Ngayon 3.7%

November 20, 2010 (Saturday)

Hole in the Wall 2.9%
Showtime 5.7%

Asar Talo 3.8%
Eat Bulaga 11.6%
Pilipinas Win na Win 3.4%

Startalk 4.3%
Entertainment Live 3.2%

Wish Ko Lang 5.9%
Kapamilya Blockbusters 6.6%

Kapuso Film (Panday) 9.4%
TV Patrol 6.5%
Wansapanataym 8.5%

24 Oras 11.5%
Maalaala Mo Kaya 8%

Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho 11.4%
Failon Ngayon 4.5%

Imbestigador 9.8%
M3 2.2%

Comedy Bar 5.2%
Banana Split 1.7%

November 21, 2010 (Sunday)

AHA 2%
Matanglawin 2.5%

Kapuso Movie Festival 3.9%
Kapamilya Blockbuster 5.1%

Party Pilipinas 5.7%
ASAP 5.9%

Tween Hearts 4.9%
Your Song 4.2%

Showbiz Central 4.4%
The Buzz 4.5%

24 Oras 8.5%
TV Patrol 5.9%

Pepito Manaloto 8.7%
Goin’ Bulilit 6.1%

Kap’s Amazing Stories 10.9%
Rated K 7%

Mel and Joey 8.8%
Star Power 6.1%

Show Me The Manny 7%
Sunday Night’s Box Office 2.7%
Sunday’s Best 2.3%


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Monday, November 22, 2010

Dingdong Dantes nominated best actor in 15th Asian TV Awards in Singapore

MAY hang-over pa rin si Dingdong Dantes sa pagwawagi niya ng kanyang very first Best Drama Actor award (forStairway to Hea-ven ng GMA), sa 24th PMPC Star Awards for Television 2010 last Saturday ( Nov.13).

Muling nominado ang aktor para pa rin sa nasabing serye -- pero this time, sa isang international award giving body na.

Nominado si Dingdong as Best Actor or Best Drama Performance by An Actor sa 15th Asian Television Awards na gaganapin sa December 9, 2010 sa Pan Paci-fic Hotel, Singapore.

Makakalaban ni Dingdong ang ibang Asian actors tulad nina: Chang Shan-Wei ng Taiwan (para saThe Pioneers ng Hakka TV), Lee Cheng Yun ng Malaysia (The Adjusters ng Metropolitan TV), Bowie Lam ng Hong Kong (Sister of Pearl ng Television Broadcast Limited), Frederick Lee ng Malaysia muli (Glowing Embers ng Natseven TV), at Chen Sichengng China (Pretty Maid ng Hunan Broadcasting).

Sinasabing ang Asian Te-levision Awards ay ang “Asian television industry’s most significant and celebrated event, recognizing excellence in programming, production and performance.”

Ngayong taon,1,020 entries mula sa 16 na bansa ang nagpadala ng entries tulad ng Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Ma-laysia, New Zealand, Pakis-tan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, at Thailand.

Samantala, ang iba pang nominees ng GMA ay ang mga sumusunod: Michael V as Best Comedy Performance by An Actor para sa Pepito Manaloto;ang 24 Oras bilang Best News Programme; Bubble Gang bilang Best Comedy Programme; at Reporter’s Notebook bilang Best Current Affairs Programme; atPlanet Philippines as Best Natural History of Wildlife Programme or Docu-drama.

Ang Dahil May Isang Ikaw ng ABS-CBN ay nominado bilang Best Drama Series.

Umaasa si Dingdong na payagan ng GMA na mag-break sa kanyang taping ng I Heart You Pare (with Regine Velasquez) upang ma-kadalo sa Singapore sa15th Asian Television Awards upang i-represent ang Pilipinas.



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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Marian Rivera: I'm Dong's lucky charm

MARIAN Rivera looked so pretty and sexy in her revealing pink Super Inday costume at the MMFF launch. “Personal hiling ko kay Mother Lily to make it pink as it’s my favorite color, para sweet din at nakakabagets ang dating,” she says.

“Doesn’t she look flawless in her costume?” asks Mother Lily. “Sexy, appealing, but wholesome pa rin.”

What does Dingdong Dantes think of her costume? “Nagandahan siya. Carry ko raw. Di naman niya puedeng kontrahin kasi I told him what I had in mind bago pa ito ginawa. Pag nasa shooting nga ako, he texts me wherever he is, ‘Super Inday, I need you’. Ang sweet, di ba?”

What can she say about Dingdong winning the Star best drama actor award for ‘Stairway to Heaven’? “He deserves it kasi magaling naman siya, pero dapat next year, win uli siya for ‘Endless Love’ kasi he’s even better there. May mga kumontra when he won but napahiya sila kasi he’s now the only local actor nominated for drama sa Asian TV Awards in Singapore on December 9, also for ‘Stairway’. Ako raw ang lucky charm niya, so proud ako lalo na nang ialay niya sa’kin ang trophy niya saying I’m his inspiration. Haba ng hair ko. Sabi ko nga, isama niya ako sa Singapore para suwertehin siyang manalo. I hope wala akong work that day. As of now, tinatapos ko pa lahat ng remaining scenes ko in “Super Inday” kasi gusto ni Direk Mike Tuviera, mapaganda talaga ito lalo na ang special effects ng fantasy scenes.”



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Jewel Mische pinakawalan na ng GMA 7

Last week pa pala wala na sa GMA Network at GMA Artist Center si Jewel Mische, obviously walang nangyaring maganda sa pag-uusap ng dalawang kampo. Isang taga-GMAAC ang nagkumpirma na wala na sa kanila ang produkto ng StarStruck 4.

Sa ABS-CBN lilipat si Jewel at muli siyang nakitang nakipag-meeting sa mga taga-Star Magic. Pero bago pumirma ng kontrata sa ABS-CBN, maggi-guest muna ito sa Untold Stories Mula sa Face to Face at sa show ni Dolphy sa TV5.



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Saturday, November 20, 2010

GMA Pacmania Weekend

GMA Network pays tribute to the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Manny Pacquiao, through a series of special events dubbed as Pacmania Weekend today and tomorrow, Nov. 21.

A tribute to the 8th Wonder of the World, the Kapuso network welcomes Pacquiao, who is fresh from a sensational win over Mexican fighter Antonio Margarito and has now become the first Filipino and Asian boxer to win eight world titles in eight different weight divisions.

As the Filipino boxing icon arrives today, GMA will cover his homecoming with an up-to-the-minute flash reports featuring exclusive interviews and inside scoops on his condition and plans after his historic match in Dallas.

The Sabado Pacman Power fever will start in the afternoon with Pacquiao’s live guesting in Startalk TX hosted by Ricky Lo, Lolit Solis, Butch Francisco and Joey de Leon. It will be followed with a grand homecoming concert at SM Mall of Asia titled, King of the Ring, a Show Me Da Manny special where Kapuso stars honor Pacquiao with production numbers and surprises. Fans and supporters may troop to the venue to join in the party and cheer on the Pambansang Kamao.

The celebration will continue tomorrow as the Kapuso Film Festival will air Manny’s Anak ng Kumander under his own film outfit, MP Promotions.

The Pacman Day will heat up on Sunday as Party Pilipinas will throw a grand hero’s welcome and homecoming party for Pacquiao with the theme Fearless serving only the hippest beat and exciting production numbers. Not to be missed is Pacquiao’s performance on stage together with the stars of Party Pilipinas.

Pacquiao’s home network will prepare a Kapuso Thanksgiving lunch at the GMA compound with network officers led by chairman and CEO lawyer Felipe Gozon. The grand bash has become part of his homecoming tradition since becoming the station’s prized talent.

What’s more, Pacman will grace Showbiz Central and answer live the questions of hosts Pia Guanio, Raymond Gutierrez, John “Sweet” Lapus and Rufa Mae Quinto.

Wrapping up the tribute is the special telecast of his grand homecoming concert at SM Mall of Asia.



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Lovi Poe, multi-talented actress

TOTOO bang may planong itapat si Lovi Poe kay Angelica Panganiban?

Mapapansin kasi na ang career path ni Lovi ay na-hahawig kay Angelica Pa-nganiban na parehon paseksi at versatile actress.

May comedy show siya sa GMA7 na Show Me Da Manny at nagda-drama naman sa afternoon soap na Little Star kasama si Jennylyn Mercado. Tuwing Sunday naman, kasama siya sa variety show na Party Pilipinas.

Si Lovi lang ang talent ng Kapuso na multi-talented, na puwedeng isabak sa musical, drama at comedy. Nagkaroon na rin siya ng Best Actress trophy mula sa indie film niyang Ma-yohan.

Si Lovi rin ang latest endorser ng Her Bench na ang naglalakihang billboard ay rumarampa sa EDSA.

And speaking of acting, nakikipagsabayan na siya sa mas beterano sa kanyang si Jennylyn sa Little Star, na idinidirek ni Maryo J. Delos Reyes.

Hindi kasi maitatangging lumalaban din nang husto sa rating ang soap ni Lovi and Jen, noh!



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Friday, November 19, 2010

Asar Talo...last day na bukas

Last day na bukas ng Asar Talo, Lahat Panalo, ang game show ni Edu Manzano na papalitan ng Kapuso Movie Festival.

Temporary lang ang KMF habang inihahanda ng GMA 7 ang show na ilalagay nila sa mababakanteng timeslot ng Asar Talo. Nanghinayang ako sa maagang ending ng game show ni Edu dahil limpak-limpak din na salapi ang napapanalunan ng mga contestant. I should know dahil isa ako sa mga mapapalad na nakapag-take home ng cash prize!


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Jolina Magdangal - 20 & counting

Before Lady Gaga, there was Jolina Magdangal making her unique fashion statement with clothes — and accessories — that bordered on “outlandish.” It was fun while it lasted.

At 32, Jolina has mellowed fashion- and otherwise. She marked her milestone last Nov. 6 with a party-cum exhibit of 32 (from hundreds in her file) photos which the camera-bug birthday girl herself has taken.

This year, Jolina is also celebrating her 20th anniversary in showbiz, marking it with a change of managers. For 20 years, it was Jolina’s dad Jun Magdangal who steered her career (and, sometimes, her life). Now, she’s managed by Perry Lansigan.

“It was a very fulfilling and fruitful 20 years,” said Jun, “with a few bumps along the way. It was timely that Jolina wanted to be independent and I have to be on top of a new business venture in Tagaytay, the Memory Lane Country Diner, Beauty Salon & Gift Shop.”

At 32, hasn’t Jolina seriously thought about settling down with boyfriend Mark Escueta (dummer and leader of Rivermaya)?

“No details yet,” said Jolina, “at hindi pa naman siya nagpo-propose. But Mark and I often talk about family life.”

As a nod to her 20th-year celebration, Funfare asked Jolina to make a list of the “20 milestones in her career” (which wouldn’t have been possible, according to Jolina, “kung hindi sa effort ng manager-daddy ko”).

1. Being a member of 14-K. It started my career as a professional entertainer and when my natural talents were further honed by Ryan Cayabyab in singing, Douglas Nierras in dancing and Gina Alajar in acting.

2. Being chosen as Walt Disney-Universal’s First Recording Artist in the Philippines. From among hundreds of aspiring singers, I was unanimously chosen after a series of auditions. That was also when I did my first recording album, Jolina, A Wish Comes True.

3. Being a member of Ang TV. Under director Johnny Manahan’s tutelage, the show highlighted my singing, dancing, hosting and comedic talents. It gave me ample exposure and I was noticed by advertisers who simultaneously acquired my services as an effective endorser. ABS-CBN cast me in various primetime and noontime shows first as support and then as lead actress. Star Cinema followed suit by giving me tailored-fit roles in hit movies.

4. Finishing high school with honors through regular schooling. While my showbiz colleagues chose home-study program, I opted to attend normal classes despite my busy schedule. After high school, I attended a theater-arts course at the University of the Philippines. This was cut short when AMA University offered me to be its endorser for three consecutive years and gave me a scholarship in Computer Science. I received Outstanding Student and Star Student Awards and at the same time passed the Personal Computer Driving Test given by the National Computer Center of the United Kingdom.

5. Signing up with Star Records. My and Daddy’s collaboration with Star Records
executives produced hit songs and multi-platinum records. My first album, Jolina, under the label earned a quintuple platinum record award and my second, Jolina On Memory Lane, was a quadruple platinum.

6. The establishment of Jolina’s Fashion Gallery. This is my first business venture together with my family — the manufacturing and selling of fashion accessories, clothes and other knick knacks which I myself designed. It has branched out into 12 franchise stores nationwide and one in California. I also launched Jolina Dolls series made from my own likeness, the first and only one-of-its-kind so far in Philippine entertainment. I set the trend in multi-colored hair and nails, butterfly trinkets among other fashion accessories and constantly changing hairstyles. The “Jolina Look” was born. Because of this, I was dubbed a fashion trendsetter.

7. Concerts at the Araneta Coliseum and Cuneta Astrodome. I was the first young artist to perform and fill up the proverbial last frontier of concert artists in the Philippines. I also performed with seasoned artists such as Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera and David Pomeranz.

8. Overseas concert tours. I have performed in concerts, either solo or with other artists, in major cities in the US East and West Coasts, Hawaii, Guam, Saipan, Canada, Australia, Europe, The Middle East and Asia.

9. Chosen Ambassadress of Goodwill by the Children’s Hour and Make A Wish Foundation, and partner of GMA Kapuso Foundation. It was a great honor for me to have been chosen by these prestigious organizations. It was also a humbling experience for me to help these entities in pursuing humanitarian endeavors while dong my own charitable works. These are some of the reasons why I was called the youth icon and role model.

10. Leaving ABS-CBN. It was a difficult decision but there were many career and personal reasons that have been considered. I actually did not move out. I simply wanted to become a free-lance artist but the network executives did not like the idea. I then joined GMA in a non-exclusive and on a per-project basis but remained loyal and dedicated to the network, the same way I was when I was still with ABS-CBN.

11. GMA Network produced my own Jolina Christmas Special. I starred and hosted my first Christmas Special with my showbiz friends and colleagues as guests.

12. Appointed the country’s national youth advocate by then Pres. Joseph Ejercito Estrada and host of The Working President, the weekly news-magazine TV show of then Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. I was the first young showbiz personality to have worked inside Malacañang. I also worked with the late former Pres. Corazon C. Aquino in The Children’s Hour (Madame Aquino was the chairperson and I was the ambassadress of goodwill).

13. Received the most-coveted Catholic Mass Media Award (CMMA). The CMMA committee bestowed on me the prestigious Jaime Cardinal Sin Serviam Award, declaring me a “Paragon of a Socially-Conscious Performing Artist.” The CMMA elevated me through this award “for consistently making herself as a model of responsible behavior and her active participation in humanitarian endeavors benefiting the youth, the needy and the hopeless.”

14. Working with the legendary King of Comedy
Dolphy. The Comedy King chose me to work with him in the Metro Manila Film Festival movie Home Along Da Riber. It was a drama-comedy-musical that pitted my dramatic and comedic talents with the Comedy King. Dolphy himself called me “ang babaeng Dolphy.” Also, there had been discussions between the late Fernando Poe Jr. and my father for a movie project. It was on the verge of completion when FPJ entered politics.

15. Accumulating numerous awards. I have garnered an unprecedented number of awards, citations and recognitions from the academic, socio-civic, government, humanitarian and entertainment sectors not only in the Philippines but also overseas.

16. Being cast as one of the co-hosts of Unang Hirit. It was my first hosting stint with the News and Public Affairs group. It was memorable for me because of the experience and camaraderie of the group.

17. Being declared by the United States Department of Homeland Security as “an alien of extraordinary ability.” This is in recognition of my abilities and achievements not only in the Philippines, my own country but also overseas particularly in the US.

18. Being cast as one of the lead actors in GMA’s primetime telenovela I Luv New York. It was a first-of-its-kind local telenovela that was shot almost entirely in New York. It was my reunion with Marvin Agustin as a loveteam.

19. The making of GMA Films’ I.T.A.L.Y. (I Trust And Love You). It was also a first-of-its-kind in the local movie industry in terms of concept, shot almost entirely aboard the luxury cruise ship Costa Magica covering three continents. The filming was also done in major European cities such as Milan, Genoa, Venice, Naples, Savona, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Tunisia and Marsaille.

20. Change of manager. After 20 years of being managed by my dad, I chose to be independent. I got the services of a new manager, Perry Lansigan. Now I have a free hand in choosing my projects and planning my career.



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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Marian Rivera Updates

Bukod kay Dingdong Dantes, ang girlfriend niyang si Marian Ri­vera ang tuwang-tuwa nang manalo siyang best drama actor sa katatapos na Star Awards for TV. Napakagandang follow up ito ng pagkakahirang sa kanya ng National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) bilang youth ambassador.

Siya rin ang pinaka-latest leading man ni Regine Velasquez. First time nilang magtatambal sa serye ng GMA 7 na I Heart You Pare.

“Wala akong dapat ika-insecure sa mga magagandang pangyayari na dumarating sa kanya. Kahit sabihin pang napag-iiwanan niya ako. Wala naman kaming competition at sa akin niya ibinibigay ang credit ng lahat ng ito. Dapat lang na maging masaya ako para sa kanya, dahil mahal ko siya.

“Maganda rin naman ang nangyayari sa career ko. After Endless Love, naging busy ako sa Super Inday. Malaking pelikula ito at pang-Metro Manila Film Festival ng Regal. Early next year, may gagawin akong epic serye sa GMA. Nagpapa-audition na ang network ng magiging leading man ko. Athough mas masaya kapag kaming dalawa ni Dingdong ang magkasama, pero hindi naman healthy sa aming career kung kami na lang ang mag­kapareha palagi,” sabi ng isa na marahil sa pina­kamagagandang mukha sa local showbiz.

Funny, but nakaka-enjoy ’yung kasiglahan ni Ma­rian ngayon. Wala akong makita ni munti mang bakas ng kamalditahan na ikinukulapol nila sa kanyang katauhan. Masaya siyang nakipaghuntahan sa amin habang ini-enjoy ang kanyang dinner.

Malakas siyang kumain ha! Parang wala siyang takot na baka tumaba siya at masira ang maganda niyang figure.

Nabanggit din niyang wala na siyang panahon na makapag-handa para sa Pasko.

“Buti na lang masaya ang pamilya ko. Madalas ang communication namin ng dad ko. (He is in Spain). Once a week, I meet with my mom and lola. Wala na talaga akong mahihiling pa. ’Yung pressure na ibinibigay ng Super Inday ay expected ko na dahil it will compete against several films na talagang pinaghahandaan, ginagastusan dahil pang-festival. In the past naman, lahat ng ginawa kong pang-filmfest nasa Top 3.

“I’m glad wala akong death threats na natatanggap. Never naman akong naapektuhan ng mga negative write ups na lumalabas tungkol sa akin. Ang mga fans ang nagri-react. Masaya naman kasi kami ni Dingdong. Matagal na kaming hindi nagkakatampuhan. Kaya nga nagtataka ako kung bakit may mga nagsasabing hiwalay na kami. Walang dahilan para kami mag-away, love-love lang talaga.

“Sa totoo lang, nakakarindi na. Minsan sinasabihan ko na si Dingdong na magbakla na lang at magto-tomboy na lang ako para wala ng isyu,” pagbibiro ng sexy heroine.



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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Super Inday and the Golden Bibe Movie Trailer

Super Inday and the Golden Bibe movie trailer released. The movie stars Marian Rivera.


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Vivian Velez binobomba ng fans ni Marian

Kagabi ang presscon ng Super Inday and the Magic Bibe, ang official entry ng Regal Films sa Metro Manila Film Festival.

Si Marian Rivera ang bida ng pelikula at kagabi lamang siya nakakuwentuhan ng mga reporters kaya sure ako na hiningi ang reaksiyon niya tungkol sa mga litanya ni Vivian Velez laban sa kanya.

Naalala ko ang sinabi ni Marian noong kainitan ng isyu sa kanila ni Bela Padilla. Nag-dialogue si Marian na kahit hindi siya magsalita, ang mga fans niya ang magtatanggol sa kanya.

Swak na swak ang sinabi ni Marian dahil nagpadala agad sa akin ng e-mail ang kanyang fans na super emote against Vivian: Tinanggal ko ang ilang bahagi ng sulat dahil masyadong personal ang atake kay Vivian ng mga tagahanga ni Marian sa pangunguna ni Mirasol de Guzman:

“Masama ang loob naming mga retirable teachers kay Ms. Vivian Velez dahil nilait na naman niya si Marian sa isang talk show. Sana ay i-publish mo naman itong letter namin para maipagtanggol namin ang aming idolo na nagpapasaya sa amin.

“Unang una, kahit nanalo na siya ng dalawang acting awards, wala siyang karapatang manlait ng baguhang artista dahil ultimo sina Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos, Maricel Soriano, Sharon Cuneta, at ang Grandslam Queen na si Lorna Tolentino ay hindi ito ginawa.

“Kung nanalo siya ng acting awards noon, ’di ’yon nangangahulugan na magaling na siyang artista dahil baka tsamba lang dahil wala siyang gaanong kalaban na bigatin.

“Bakit si Kris Aquino, nanalo na rin ng acting award sa Mano Po 2 pero hindi rin matatawag na magaling na artista na.

“Isa pa, kasama si Ms. Vivian sa Imortal kaya out of delicadeza, hindi siya dapat nagbibigay ng comment dahil alam natin na may rivalry sina Ma­rian at Angel Locsin at siya ay self-confessed na maka-Angel dahil noong nasa USA siya, tanging Lobo lang ang napapanood niya.

“Hindi pala niya napanood ang Babaeng Hinugot Sa Aking Tadyang, bakit siya nagkokomento? Nanalo ba siya ng award noong ginawa niya ang Tadyang..? Iba rin ang una niyang sinabi na pangit ang akting ni Marian sa sinasabi niya ngayon na hindi bagay kay Marian ang role dahil sa maamo ang mukha nito.

“Huwag niyang lituhin ang mga fans ni Marian dahil dokumentado ang mga interviews noon sa kanya ng PEP.”



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Monday, November 15, 2010

Zyrene Parsad - Philippine National Anthem in Pacquiao-Margarito Bout

Zyrene Parsad sang the Philippine National Anthem before the much-awaited bout of Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito in Texas, USA.

It was reported that Zyrene Parsad consulted the National Historical Institute (NHI) to get pointers on how to sing the anthem properly. So is this how NHI wants our anthem to sound? What a crap!

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Venus Raj admits that Willie offered her as co-host in Willing Willie

INILAWAN na nga ang bu-ong Araneta Center nitong Biyernes ng gabi sa kanilang traditional Christmas Tree lighting.

Masasabi naming mas maganda ngayon ang higanteng Christmas tree na naka-puwesto sa harapan ng Ara-neta Coliseum dahil gumamit sila ngayon ng makabagong desenyo ng icycle lights na para bang may mga shooting stars na nakapalibot sa bu-ong giant Christmas tree.

Siyempre pa dahil Ara-neta event ito, isa sa special celebrity guests ng gabing ‘yon ay ang ating Miss Universe 2010 4th runner-up na si Venus Raj na kaliwa’t ka-nan ngayon ang commercial endorsements.

Sa ngayon, hindi pa niya alam kung saan ba siya magpapatali -- sa Kapamilya, Kapuso o Kapatid network? Mas maganda raw ‘ýong freelance status siya para kahit saang TV station ay malaya siyang nakakalabas.

Although inamin niya na nagkaroon siya ng offer na maging co-host ng Willing Willie ni Willie Revillame sa TV5. Pero nang mapanood niya ang paglabas ng Valenzuela Councilor Sha-lani Soledad sa show ay inassume na niya na hindi na siya matutuloy sa naturang game show.

But knowing Willie, feeling namin ay mas type ni-yang maging co-host si Venus Raj dahil kilala si Willie na mahilig sa beauty queens. Di ba na-link pa siya noon sa dating Miss International natin na si Lara Precious Quigaman na naging co-host niya dati sa Wowowee? Energetic din si Venus bilang isang host kumpara kay Shalani.

Anyway, let’s wait and see baka naman kunin pa rin si Venus saWilling Willie as another co-host. Kapag nangyari ‘ýon, malamang matalo na nang tuluyan ng Willing Willie ang TV Patrol at 24 Oras.



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Sunday, November 14, 2010

‘Koreana’ ni Kris Bernal humahataw sa ratings

Humahataw sa ratings ang Kapuso soap na “Koreana” na pinagbibidahan ni Kris Bernal.

Sa Mega Manila ay daig ng Koreana ang kalaban nitong programa na Kapamilya Blockbusters. Hindi biro na matalo ng isang soap ang isang programa na araw-araw ay iba’t-ibang pelikula ang ipinapalabas.

Sa katunayan, maging sa Kantar Media National TV Ratings ay tinalo ng Koreana ang nakatapat na mga higanteng pelikula. Sa huling report ng Kantar Media, nagtala ang Koreana ng rating na 14.7% last Friday, November 5. Ang katapat naman nito na Kapamilya Blockbusters: My Big Love ay nakakuha lamang ng 11.6%. Last Monday naman ay nakakuha ang Koreana ng 10.6% habang ang kalaban nitong programa na Kapamilya Blockbusters: Enteng Kabisote 4 ay nakakuha lamang ng 10.2%

Sa tagumpay na ito ng Koreana sa nationwide tv ratings ay napatunayan ni Kris Bernal na hindi na niya kailangan ang dating ka-loveteam na si Aljur Abrenica at lubusan na nga siyang kumawala sa anino nito.

Sina Rocco Nacino at Steven Silva ang leading men ni Kris sa nasabing soap.



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Marian Ri­­vera babalikan ni Richard

Nabasa namin ang tweet kahapon ni Annabelle Rama at ibinalitang may initial meeting na sila para sa Valentine movie ni Richard Gutierrez na co-produced ng Regal Films at GMA Films.

Walang binanggit na leading lady ni Richard si An­nabelle, pero lumutang ang tsikang si Marian Ri­­vera ang makakapareha uli ng aktor. Sila rin ang magkapareha sa Best Friend’s Girlfriend na kinagiliwan ng mga moviegoers at kumita pa. Ngayon pa lang, marami na ang natutuwa sa muling pagtatambal nina Richard at Marian.

Sabi, go signal na lang ng isang tao ang hinihintay ng kampo ni Marian bago nito tanggapin ang project. Binanggit sa amin kung sino ang taong ito, pero hindi muna namin isinulat ang name niya to be fair, tatanungin muna namin siya ha!



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GMA 7's Love ni Mister, Love ni Misis

Love ni Mister, Love ni Misis presents another enriching week starting tomorrow, Nov. 15 as GMA 7’s lifestyle show presents informative, entertaining episodes at 10:30 a.m.

First up on Monday is the episode titled Forgive and Forget, about accepting a person’s faults and letting bygones be bygones. A magical episode
airs on Nov. 16 as illusionists make things appear and disappear in one flick of a magic hand or wand.

The pros and cons of having a big and a small family is the subject of the episode on Nov. 17. Nadia Montenegro and Yayo Aguila discuss the ups and downs of a big family while Jessa Zaragoza and Regine Tolentino give the benefits of a having a small family.

Health and fitness is the topic on Nov. 18. Hosts Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villarroel give tips on staying healthy and fit. Brapaneese models Daniel and Hideo show basic Capoeira moves. Ciara Sotto will hold a pole dancing session. Zoren will prepare simple but healthy dishes.

Paolo Ballesteros and Julia Clarete with EB Babes show various exercises one can do without going to the gym.

On Friday, people whom Toni Rose Gayda and Rhian Ramos helped thank them. Mark Herras and Heart Evangelista are in for a surprise as people they helped pay them a visit.


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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Venus Raj on Hole in the Wall

2010 Miss Universe fourth runner-up Venus Raj joins the wacky tandem of Ogie Alcasid and Michael V as guest co-host of GMA 7’s game show Hole in the Wall today at 10:30 a.m.

Going head-to-head against each other are Team Red Hole-a-Back and Team Blue RMJ. Team Red Hole-a-Back is made up of Noemi Osquiza, Alpha Christina Ilusorio and Ann Camelian Ilusorio. Team Blue RMJ, on the other hand, is composed of Jacqueline Pimentel, Roberto Ilavore Jr. and Margie Pallad.


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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Elma Muros as Ultimate Survivor?

ELMA Muros plays Maja Salvador’s coach on and off cam in the sports drama “Thelma”. “Sabi ni Direk Paul Soriano, ikaw naman ang coach niya sa training, so ikaw na rin ang gumanap na coach sa movie,” she says. “Malaki ang pasasalamat ko sa GMA sa pagkakasali ko sa ‘Survivor Philippines’. Bago ‘Survivor’, hirap pa rin ang buhay namin, lahat naka-budget. Pero dahil sa exposure ko dun, dumami ang offers sa’king guestings na nakakatulong talaga sa family ko. Heto, may movie na ako. Hindi pa ako nakaarte sa buong buhay ko kaya bahala na lang sa’kin si Lord at si Direk Paul. Iniisip ko, baka may ibang purpose sa’kin ngayon si Lord.”

What can she say that most of the castaways want her to win? “Salamat. I appreciate that, pero hanggang di natatapos, walang katiyakan. Kung ako’ng mananalo, gagamitin ko ang P3 million prize para sa mga anak ko at pag-aaral nila then I will help 'yung mga kapatid ko sa Romblon na kawawa rin ang buhay.”

Elma recalled that when she was pitted against reigning track champ Lydia de Vega at the Palarong Pambansa held in Tacloban more than 20 years ago, she wasn’t favored to win. “Kaya big news nang talunin ko siya kasi fastest woman in Asia siya. Dun nag-start ang career ko. Pero friends kami. Coach na rin siya ngayon, sa Singapore.”

Because of her muscular built, she’s often mistaken as a lesbian. “May nagtatanong pa nga, ano ba yan, lalake? But I don’t mind. Minsan nga, napagkakamalan pa kong bakla. Natatawa na lang ako.”


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Elma Muros as Ultimate Survivor

ELMA Muros plays Maja Salvador’s coach on and off cam in the sports drama “Thelma”. “Sabi ni Direk Paul Soriano, ikaw naman ang coach niya sa training, so ikaw na rin ang gumanap na coach sa movie,” she says. “Malaki ang pasasalamat ko sa GMA sa pagkakasali ko sa ‘Survivor Philippines’. Bago ‘Survivor’, hirap pa rin ang buhay namin, lahat naka-budget. Pero dahil sa exposure ko dun, dumami ang offers sa’king guestings na nakakatulong talaga sa family ko. Heto, may movie na ako. Hindi pa ako nakaarte sa buong buhay ko kaya bahala na lang sa’kin si Lord at si Direk Paul. Iniisip ko, baka may ibang purpose sa’kin ngayon si Lord.”

What can she say that most of the castaways want her to win? “Salamat. I appreciate that, pero hanggang di natatapos, walang katiyakan. Kung ako’ng mananalo, gagamitin ko ang P3 million prize para sa mga anak ko at pag-aaral nila then I will help 'yung mga kapatid ko sa Romblon na kawawa rin ang buhay.”

Elma recalled that when she was pitted against reigning track champ Lydia de Vega at the Palarong Pambansa held in Tacloban more than 20 years ago, she wasn’t favored to win. “Kaya big news nang talunin ko siya kasi fastest woman in Asia siya. Dun nag-start ang career ko. Pero friends kami. Coach na rin siya ngayon, sa Singapore.”

Because of her muscular built, she’s often mistaken as a lesbian. “May nagtatanong pa nga, ano ba yan, lalake? But I don’t mind. Minsan nga, napagkakamalan pa kong bakla. Natatawa na lang ako.”


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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Jolina Magdangal hindi inggit sa anak ni Juday

Kahit anong pang-iintriga ang gawin ng press para mainggit si Jolina Magdangal sa kasabayan niyang si Judy Ann Santos na sinasabi nilang napag-iwanan na siya ng milya-milya dahil nag-asawa na ito’t nagsilang na ng kanilang panganay ni Ryan Agoncillo ay bigo sila, hindi kinagat ni Jolina ang bitag nila.

“Bakit naman ako maiinggit? Una-una lang ‘yan pero darating din ako diyan, malapit na ang time ko,” paliwanag ng dalagang masaya naman sa kanyang pagiging isang dalaga pa, lalo’t mayroon naman isang nagmamahal sa kanya na marahil ay naghihintay lamang ng tamang panahon para amukin siyang magpakasal.

Bukod sa sinalubong siya nito ng isang halik sa pisngi nang siya ay duma­ting sa kanyang birthday party, ikinasiya rin ni Jolens ang pagdating ng boyfriend niyang si Mark Escueta ng maaga sa lugar na pinagdausan ng kanyang party para pamahalaan ang pag-aayos ng kanyang photo exhibit.

“Mas siya ang nakakaalam kung ano ang gagawin sa mga photos, kung aling mga larawan ang pagsasama-samahin dahil isa
rin siyang photographer,” pagmamalaki ng dalaga na umaming tumuntong na siya sa edad 30 pero ayaw pa niyang madaliin ang paglagay sa tahimik. Pero obviously, kinikilig siya dahil halos ayaw bitawan ng kanyang boyfriend ang kanyang kamay simula nang dumating siya. He only let go of her nang simulan na si Jolina na interbyuhin ng press.



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Monday, November 08, 2010

Aljur Abrenica, Pinuri

Marami ang pumuri sa magandang asal na ipinakita ni Aljur Abrenica nang tinulungan nito ang waitress na nadulas at nawalan ng malay dahil sa malakas na pagkabagok ng kanyang ulo.

Kumakain si Aljur kasama ang kapatid niya sa restaurant somewhere in QC at itong waitress ay na-starstruck yata ng husto kay Aljur kaya panay ang daan nito sa mesa nina Aljur at tingin nang tingin sa young actor.

Hindi namalayan nitong waitress na may natapakan siyang yelo, nadulas siya at bumagsak ang puwetan at pati na ang ulo at hinimatay na siya.

Nataranta ang lahat at walang nakakilos para ihatid ito sa hospital.

Kaya si Aljur na at ang kapatid nito ang nagbuhat at isinakay sa kotse niya at hinatid sa Delgado clinic.

Pinagamot ito ni Aljur at hindi niya iniwan at tiniyak na walang pinsala ang ulo niya at ibinalik din sa restaurant na pinagtatrabahuhan niya.

Si Aljur pa ang nagbayad ng bill sa hospital kaya malaki ang pasasalamat ng waitress.

Nag-guest sila sa Startalk nung Sabado para muling pasalamatan nung waitress na ’yun si Aljur. Hindi nga siya nagkamali ng taong hahangaan dahil napakabait pala ng aktor sa personal.

Samantala, dalawang linggo na lang at magtatapos na ang Ilumina at lalong umiinit ang tagpo ng kuwento.

Since malapit nang matapos ang Ilumina, kinulit namin si Aljur kung wala pa bang espesyal na pagtitinginan sa kanila ni Rhian Ramos. Napangiti lang ang aktor at saka na lang daw kami sasagutin.



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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Marian Ri­vera sa Super Inday

Excited na si Marian Ri­vera sa pelikulang Super Inday, isa pang super-hero role ng act­ress sa fantasy comedy film ng Regal Films na unang pi­nag­bidahan ni Maricel Soriano.

Official entry ito ng Regal sa darating na Metro Manila Film Festival.

Say ng Regal producers – ang mag-inang Mother Lily Monteverde at Roselle Monteverde-Teo, malaking-malaking project ito for Marian.

“There was clamor from Marian’s fans for her to play Super Inday. The original come­dy film was one of the biggest box-office hits of Maricel (Soriano). We couldn’t have gotten a better actress than Ma­rian to do another Super Inday movie,” added Mot­her Lily.

Maganda ang pink outfit ni Marian sa bagong version ng pelikula. Sexy in fair­ness at bagay sa kan­ya. Si Maricel noon, ‘di ko ma­­ala­lang ganito ka-sexy ang outfit (look ninyo ang picture ni Marian).

Paulit-ulit na sinasabi ni Marian na agad siyang na-excite nang malamang gaga­win niya ang pelikulang ito dahil idol niya si Maricel.

Jologs na jologs ang character niya rito – a barrio lass na nagpunta sa Maynila para hanapin ang matagal nang nawawala niyang ina na ginagampanan ni Cherry Pie Picache.

Inevitably, she encounters a duck who lays the golden eggs that give her super powers.

Kasama niya sa movie sina Jake Cuenca and Pokwang. Si Mike Tuviera ang director.



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Friday, November 05, 2010

Manny Pacquiao and Will Ferrell Sing ‘Imagine’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Popular comedian Will Ferrell and Manny Pacquiao performed one of John Lennon‘s best songs “Imagine.”



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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Ogie hindi masyadong gagastos!

Sa Dec. 22 na ang pinaka-aabangang kasalan ng taon, ang pag-iisang dibdib nina Regine Velasquez at Ogie Alcasid. Magaganap ito sa Punta Fuego sa Batangas. Ayon kay Ogie, tuluy-tuloy pa rin ang kanilang paghahanda para sa special day nila ni Regine.

“Slowly getting there, ’yung mga detalye isa-isang falling into places. Medyo stressful at ine-enjoy ko naman. I’m very hands-on sa mga details ng wedding siyempre ako ang gagastos eh,” natatawang pahayag ng singer-composer. Hindi naman masyadong malaki ang gagastusin nina Ogie at Regine dahil marami sa kanilang mga kaibigan ang nag-sponsor na para sa kakailanganin nila sa kasal. Ngayon ay kumpleto na ang listahan ng entourage sa kasal.

“Most of them are my friends, mga barkada ko. Sina Janno (Gibbs), Bitoy (Michael V.), ’yung mga high school friends ko. P-Noy is a very practical and down to earth president. He really told me that he will be there, ayun nga groom’s man ko siya. Nagbiro pa siya na kapag ikinasal siya ay kami naman ang kukunin niyang ninong,” dagdag pa ni Ogie.

Mayroon na ring plano sina Ogie at Regine para sa kanilang honeymoon. “Na-convince ko na si Regine na huwag na muna kaming mag-beach. Gusto ko munang mag-Europe kasi at ’di pa kami nakakapunta doon na kaming dalawa lang. There’s a very romantic place in Europe called Positano, which I really wanna take her there,” kuwento ni Ogie.



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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Vic refused to marry Pia?

IF there is no third party what then caused the rumored split of Vic Sotto and Pia Guanio?

A texter shared her observation: “Siguro po ay nainip na si Ma'm Pia kung kailan siya pakakasalan ni Bossing. She must have finally seen the light of day na never itong magaganap. Wala talaga sa bokabularyo ni Bossing na magpakasal muli. It is really time for her to move on and find someone who will walk her to the altar.”

Pia continues to host Eat Bulaga and how we admire her for handling her personal problem very professionally.


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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Annabelle Rama found Heart replacement

MISTULANG isang debutante ang kontrobersyal na talent manager at stage mom na si Annabelle Rama sa gi-nanap na birthday party ni-ya sa ballroom ng Crown Plaza Hotel.

Star-studded at walang sinabi kay Tita A ang debutante ng taon sa mga dumalo sa espesyal niyang kaara-wan. Pamilya, malalapit na kaibigan at mga alaga ni Tita Annabelle ang nagbigay ng ningning nang gabing ‘yon. Nangunguna siyempre si Ed-die Gutierrez na naghandog pa ng timeless Elvis Presley hits for his loving wife.

Nang tanungin on stage si Tito Eddie kung ano ang wish niya for Tita Annabelle, aniya: “Para kay Annabelle, I wish her good health at sana’y manatili siyang sexy lagi!” say ng Elvis Presley ng ‘Pinas.

Dumating din ang ilang sikat na personalidad tulad nina Gov. Chavit Singson, Charlie ‘Atong’ Ang, Daisy Romualdez, Susan Roces, ang bagong MTRCB Chairman Grace Poe-Llamanzarez, cast ng Survivors Phi-lippines, talents ng Royale Era Entertainment; Ruffa, Richard and Raymond Gu-tierrez, JC de Vera, Danita Paner, TJ Trinidad, Miriam Quiambao, Carla Hum-phries, Michelle Madrigal, John Hall, Pilita Corrales, Ramon Christopher, Dina Bonnevie, Yayo Aguila at marami pang iba. Hosted by Arnel Ignacio, nag-enjoy talaga ang mga bisita at nag-diwang ang lahat para sa nag-iisang si Annabelle R.

Parang talk show din ang set-up na ginawa. Kasi, may question and answer portion pa si Raymond sa ilang panauhin tungkol sa kanyang ina.

Isa rin nga pala sa applauded numbers ay ‘yong song numbers ng mga anak ni Ruffa na sina Lorin at Ve-nice. Solo number sila at take note, feel talaga ni Lo-rin ang pagkanta.

Panalo rin ang version ni TJ ng Faithfully, rocker ang dating ng guwapong aktor on stage. Ipinakita ni TJ ang versatility niya that night. Wala si Heart Evangelista nang gabing ‘yon. Pero nakatutuwang malaman na may kapalit agad si Heart sa kuwadra ni Tita A. Dumagdag sina Jay Manalo, Pops Fernandez at iba pang talents na tala-gang maipagmama-laki ni Tita Annabelle. Mukhang hindi na-man kawalan si Heart kung tutuusin kay Tita Annabelle.

It was a night of fun and catching up with friends para sa birthday girl. Larawan si Tita A ng isang masayang ina, manager at asawa sa ka-bila ng mga intriga at pagsubok na dumarating sa bu-hay niya.


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Monday, November 01, 2010

Ogie Alcasid's album turns gold

Ogie Alcasid’s new hit album from Universal Records, Ngayon at Kailanman, A Tribute to George Canseco, has been certified gold by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry. Ogie (left) received the Gold Disc from UR’s GM Kathleen Dy-Go on GMA 7’s Party Pilipinas.

Ngayon at Kailanman contains pop classics composed by George Canseco such as Hanggang sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan, Yakap, Paano Kita Mapasasalamatan, Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo, Kaibigan, Kapantay ay Langit and Kastilyong Buhangin.



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