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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Is Rhian Ramos suing Mo Twister?

Even after Mo Twister has chronicled in his Twitter account what he claimed he and Rhian Ramos did during the (two?) years that he claimed they went steady, something neither of them confirmed while it was going on, Rhian has admirably remained mum, refusing to make even a word of comment, thus in the process turning out to be the underdog and Mo the ungentlemanly tell-all broken-hearted lover.

“Rhian and her family have been advised by their lawyer not to say anything, to keep quiet,” said a Funfare Update DPA.

Is the Ramos family’s silence pregnant with the possibility of a planned legal action against Mo?

“It’s very possible,” added the DPA who happened to be a brilliant legal mind.

Asked if Mo is perhaps guilty of, maybe, “malicious mischief,” the lawyer simply smiled.

In fairness to Mo, he did apologize for his emotional unloading on his Twitter account, baring the pain he said he was going through after he and Rhian broke up. Or was it a one-way break-up, with Rhian simply walking out of the relationship after she was reportedly hurt when Mo put in his Twitter (or Facebook) account one of their pictures taken during one of their romantic trips abroad (in Greece, this time)?

The break-up was much too much to Mo that, since he claimed that he couldn’t reach Rhian because she has changed her phone number and that she has closed her Twitter account, he had no alternative but to unburden himself on his Twitter account, recounting intimate details such as, among others, how they first kissed in public in Amsterdam, how they spent the night on a bench in Central Park in New York, how they solved crossword puzzles side by side, how they checked into a hotel in Athens which gave them an upgrade when they told the front desk that they were honeymooners, how they kissed a lot in every country they visited, how he would gently wake Rhian up from sweet slumber, how he and Rhian talked long distance between Paris (him) and Singapore (Rhian) just to discuss the details of an expensive bag he was giving Rhian as pasalubong and, this one is very personal, according to Mo how “I saw an old strand of your hair in the shower this evening.”

While I sympathize with Mo for feeling so devastated since he said that Rhian meant all the world to him, I cannot for the life of me understand why he had to put a girl he said he deeply love(s) in such an embarrassing situation, unwittingly tarnishing the wholesome image Rhian has been projecting so far not only as a person (from a decent family) but also as an actress of versatile potential.

Come to think of it, if Rhian’s number has been changed and her Twitter account closed, why didn’t Mo just write her a long letter so that only the two of them could be privy to whatever happened or was happening between them, and thus shut off the whole world from voraciously eavesdropping on them?

“The harm has been done,” Funfare’s lawyer-DPA said. “Rhian’s privacy has been grossly violated.”

What did they say again about the worst of times?

Yes, it brings out the best, or the worst, in men.




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